Spherical Object In Map View, Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada [A Bright Patch of Ground]


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Looks like the cast shadow from a disk but is just a white patch next to a dark patch.

Yeah, that's what I think as well. If it were a shadow, it's in the wrong direction judging by the shadows from other things in the surrounding area

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Looks like the cast shadow from a disk but is just a white patch next to a dark patch.
it looks exactly like a weather balloon.

are you bringing up off topic ufos to examine shadows or aerial photography glitches? if so you should state that and embed photos.


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If north is up in the photo and this object is north of the Tropic of Cancer wouldn’t a shadow have to be to the north of the object?

so I think I’d lean more toward colored patches of ground.
Actually, a shadow could be to the southwest during the summer and early morning hours. But the shadows would be longer so still seems unlikely to be a shadow.

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wow. thats much more clear than Google. never would have thought to use Bing Maps... good info!
Yeah, Bing has surprisingly high quality aerial coverage in certain regions. Arcgis.com is another place where you might find something although their imagery tends to be identical to Bing's over vast stretches.

Yeah, and that's not a shadow, it's vegetation.
Reminds me of when people thought they were seeing a face on Mars in the infamous Viking image until better pictures came along that showed it was only an illusion created by illumination angle and general shoddiness of the original shot.