seen this one? more chemtrail silliness

This is just regurgitating some old stuff. Particularly the Red Wine test. It's more about the Morgellons theory than chemtrails.
ah yes, so it is. this chemtrail thing blows my mind. lots of loonies out there who seem ready to kill over it in some cases. at least some of the ones who've attacked me online for pointing out holes in their theories.
I didnt believe these theories until an incredibly reliable source who worked on some of these projects told me face to face about whats really going on. I suggest you take a look at this website and wake up to what their really doing to us.
Kristine, can you say what your source claims to have worked on?

Aircrap is spreading nonsense. They continue to post things long after they have fully been debunked, so really they have no credibility. Have a look through it. Surely you don't think all their claims are accurate?

Here is a good reason to doubt what you see on

On the one hand, they tell thousands that aluminum oxide is poison, yet almost all chemtrail figures are either selling it, recommending it, or using it themselves.

Is this just the worst sort of hypocrisy imaginable?
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