Help me identifying UAP's recorded on Marina Del Rey (CA) by Youtuber Custodian File

His new video today is again of Anna's Hummingbirds. If I was near him I would take my binoculars and show him. They are very territorial so he sees them fighting in the sky. Totally common. I left a polite comment on his new video. The noises often confound people because the bird is often invisible while doing these high-dive courtship flights unless you know what you are looking for.
Usually, the explanation is pre-existing in the form of belief.
The experiments then set out to "prove" that belief, regardless of outcome.
(Remember Bob Knodel, Flat Earth, and the fiber-optic gyro?)
If there's no outcome that would change their mind, it's pseudo-science.
That's even worse than the low information zone (LIZ) fuzzy blobs, this is the NIZ (no information zone)!

"We see no UFOs, therefore they must be there" ?

Par for the course for conspiracy theorists, I guess.
He is seeing Anna's Hummingbirds - immediately recognizable to any birder on the west coast. I realize I am new, but this is my area of expertise. He just can't tell where they are in the sky or see their wings.