1. Whitebeard

    Quick and easy demonstration of the shape of the Earth

    Just stumbled on this vid showing away to prove the oblate spheroid nature of the Earth using hi-rez images from the Himawari 8 satalite.
  2. T

    FE balloon video curvature analysis using Blender

    Hello. I'm Teme and I want to debunk some of the FE curvature claims (observed curvature does not match the globe earth model etc.) using screencaps from FE balloon videos. I believe using videos from made by FE community itself presents a good basis for discussion, as many times other videos...
  3. Bass In Your Face

    Curvature Experiment showing relation between x-axis and z-axis

    Hey guys, I decided to whip up this experiment at my shop when somebody questioned a graphic of mine that I created to help demonstrate the horizon of a sphere the size of the earth, by zooming in it and showing the FOV. This was the graphic: (Yes I wrote in the wrong FOV for the last pic :/...
  4. Vogon

    Crepuscular angles and the flat idea.

    Hello! First post. I lurked a bit and this forum looks very interesting for me... I have had a look for this info here but haven't found anything yet, as a Noob, I'm sorry in advance if this has been discussed already... damn let me edit, of course this image is broken.. OK. We know that...