Practical Debunking forum guidelines

Mick West

Staff member
This sub-forum is for posts ABOUT debunking and the practical application of skepticism. It's not for posting bunk, or for posting debunking of bunk (except as examples).

Things to post here:
  • General how-to guides on debunking
  • Specific How-to guides for individual major topics, like 9/11 (although this might be hard to avoid devolving into debate)
  • Debunking war stories - what worked, what did not work.
  • Stores of former believers, and how they escaped
  • Reviews of books on debunking
  • Links to debunking resource
  • Theories about how we might debunk better
  • General discussion of the psychology of bunk purveyors, and bunk beleivers.

I'll move old threads into here if they fit. Please feel free to note any I overlook.
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