Poll: Do you think that threads should be closed after being debunked?

Do you think threads should be closed after they have been debunked?

  • Yes! When the issue is solved, no need to go back to it again!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No! They should never be closed!

    Votes: 10 83.3%
  • I really don't care

    Votes: 2 16.7%

  • Total voters


Senior Member.
After Mick or any other member have debunked a topic, do you think that the topic should be closed for discussion to make it more accessible for non-members? If yes or no, explain why.

Pete Tar

Senior Member.
Probably not, as we should always be open to new information that may change the status of a subject, or just to clarify or correct minor points of logic or fact.
And if someone says 'this is not debunked because...' then it gives an opportunity to communicate a point more efficiently, or explain it a different way, or to point out logical errors in their assumptions.
(edit. or they may even be right)

Mick West

Staff member
No. Closing a thread does not provide real benefits. New readers start at the the beginning of the thread, and there's always room for new perpectives.


Senior Member.
Agree with Pete Tar and Mick. Some new angle usually comes up once one aspect is debunked.


New Member
I do believe you have reams of material that has been de-bunked very effectively, it'd be good if there was a way to categorize the most thorough/accurate ones where it's clear most avenues of any possible conspiracy have been looked at/addressed.


Senior Member.
If they were closed, it would need to be with a provision that new information, posted in a new thread would be welcomed
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