Please help me find sources on anthropogenic climate change scientific consensus


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Hi all, recently there have been people disputing that there is a scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change, and I would like to take a better look at the evidence. I'm wondering if Metabunk members have had these discussions in the past, and if so, where I might find them. I would also appreciate any sources you all might have that would help in climate debates.



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@'Knigel': Have you heard of the documentary titled "Chasing Ice"?

Here is a segment that has been uploaded to YT:

Seems the film in its entirety is (of course, due to CopyRight) not available on YT (at least, for viewers in the not know about other jurisdictions). It can also be seen on NetFlix, with a paid streaming subscription. And of course, on DVD for purchase.

Granted, this event was captured in May, 2008. Seasonally (Northern hemisphere) temperatures tend to rise, and of course glaciers will calve. There isn't really any other documentary footage of previous such seasonal events, of course. But, we've known for centuries that it happens....seasonally.

The entire documentary, however, does help to display something different. Cameras fixed in place for quite a number of years that recorded (still images, in sequence) the receding of glaciers, then the still images edited into a film based on them....this is called "Time-lapse" recording.

(EDIT): A very salient point is made starting at about 4:20 in the above clip............

(EDIT #2): Another clip RE: CO2 (from the relates to anthropogenic additions of the gas):

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I also want to add (on another topic?) that within this video are LOADS and LOADS of perfectly ordinary clouds that exist in regions on the planet that have absolutely nothing to do with the "Global Population"....and thus, are not being "sprayed". Perhaps a few screen-shots (with references) by those with the computer skills, will be of some use??
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