climate change

  1. J

    Academic Research Study on Climate-related Narratives - Volunteers needed for Interviews

    Hello everyone, Firstly, I am new to, so I am happy to be part of this community, and I appreciate the warm welcome I have experienced so far. I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Information Systems department at UT Austin. I am conducting a research study - on narratives and...
  2. Mythic Suns

    [Debunked] Viral internet meme indirectly claiming that Greenland has already fully melted.

    I couldn't find a post covering this so I felt I might just add one myself. This meme has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Reddit for a few years now and while a significant amount of ice has melted because of the way we've been treating the Earth, Greenland is still very much covered in...
  3. skephu

    Paul Beckwith (climate scientist) on chemtrails

    Climate scientist Paul Beckwith has posted a Youtube video where he debunks chemtrails by proposing that cleaner jet fuel and the physical and chemical changes in the atmosphere due to global warming make persistent contrails last longer because they consist of much smaller water droplets / ice...
  4. deirdre

    Climate Scientist says "Scientists should consider stretching the truth": Stephen Schneider

    Claim: (my paraphrasing) Stephen Schneider, a well known climatologist and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) author advocates lying about the science of climate change. Starting as early as a month after the initial publication of an interview in Discover Magazine (October 1989...
  5. keefe

    Debunking guide

    Some tips on debunking from the University of Queensland course Denial 101x - the course is about climate change, but the information in this video about the cognitive process applies to any debunking. Here's a few quotes from the video Lewandowsky: It’s very challenging to correct...
  6. keefe

    Climate change and conspiracy theories - Lewandowsky

    I just found this interesting interview with Stephan Lewandowsky, for anyone with a spare 43 minutes. Here's a few quotes from the transcript When it comes to the drivers of belief or acceptance of scientific findings, in particular climate change, then what we find is that one of the most...
  7. CeruleanBlu

    Airliner Emissions EPA Hearing

    There's one thing I've noticed when it comes to trying to have a discussion about airplane emissions, I've often seen talk about fictional nefarious spraying activities completely and totally overwhelming the very real discussion about the increasing volume of air traffic and the effects of...
  8. Auldy

    Claim: Satellites show global warming pause continues by CFACT

    I was recently directed to this 'scientific article' by a friend and decided to do some research into its claims and origins. The main focus is on the point: There was nothing special about the temperature of the Earth in 2014. In fact, there has been no meaningful warming since last century...
  9. K

    Please help me find sources on anthropogenic climate change scientific consensus

    Hi all, recently there have been people disputing that there is a scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change, and I would like to take a better look at the evidence. I'm wondering if Metabunk members have had these discussions in the past, and if so, where I might find them. I would...
  10. Belfrey

    "Climategate" and "Censored" Data

    Indeed, and then do a Google search to learn what is meant by censored data in statistical analysis.
  11. Thor Odinson

    Debunked:Solar System Warming (Climate Change Conspiracy Theory)

    In a discussion about GMOs, a relative refuted my point that the general consensus about GMO safety is about the same for climate change with this..... Apparently, the whole solar system is heating up thus climate change is a farce. After I...
  12. mrfintoil

    Debunked: SKYSCRATCH - The Geoengineering/Chemtrail Cover Up

    I recently discovered yet another anti "chemtrail" movie on Youtube called SKYSCRATCH - The Geoengineering/Chemtrail Cover Up Edit: Added more up-to-date information concerning contrail heating effects. This movie contains a number of misassumption and errors which I will go through in this...