Photos of Clouds and Skies (That you took yourself)


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image.jpeg Quite the contrail-enhanced sunset on the train home from London this evening.

The prominent trail heading off to the top left is Ryanair FR9073 from Manchester to Alicante. Photo taken near Brookwood in Surrey.


I noticed this vivid moon halo over Brisbane, Australia at 11:59 PM on the 21st May (local time). It was a 99% full moon with thin cloud cover as you'd expect.

jasper - moon halo (stitched).jpg

The photo is super noisy because I needed to use my camera's maximum ISO for the impromptu hand-held shot.


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I had a vague dream about contrails last night (i'm sure freud would have a field day with THAT imagery ;) )and woke up remembering that I completely forgot to post this picture of some pretty incredible skies I saw on the 3rd. So here!


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The summer solstice was yesterday, June 20, because of the current year being a leap year.
Yes, the photos were from yesterday evening, I didn't make that clear :)

It was a horrendously wet day but the sun broke through about 5pm and the evening was beautiful, with sunset at 9.23pm here.


image.jpeg Sly Park Resivior/ Jenkinson Lake El Dorado County Californua. I guess there really are not any more blue skies anymore? Lots of planes flying over head. Not a single one was laying chemtrails? Must be a shortage of chemicals?


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View attachment 19622 Sly Park Resivior/ Jenkinson Lake El Dorado County Californua. I guess there really are not any more blue skies anymore? Lots of planes flying over head. Not a single one was laying chemtrails? Must be a shortage of chemicals?
Nice to see Sly Park looking so full...passed by it last August and it was sooo low. (Thats about 15 miles from Mick's place)


Oh yes!
Just having a bit of fun. It is clear that the folks who contribute here are serious about not taking things too seriously without some type of reality/fact check...Occam would be proud!


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I attempted to get some photos of the moon on the solstice. Operating word here: attempt.
I've got a pretty cheap little mirrorless dslr (pentax q; no viewfinder, just look at the LCD and hope) which I have a cheap adaptor on (thanks, ebay) and a few vintage lenses (this was taken with an asahi 50mm/f2.8 made in the '80s, i believe). I'm more of a broke macro photographer than a cloudspotting one, so this sad little picture is the best I got. I tried. If it isn't a flower or a bug I'm useless. :(
It also may be a contrail??? I found a couple of planes that were flying around about that time but no conclusive results.


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bwca_2016-183.jpg Clouds...Minnesota....only "exposure" and "contrast" , were tweaked, in Lightroom...... 2016
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M Bornong

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A nice display of sundogs, fallstreaks, circumzenithal arcs, and distrails, as my wife and I enjoyed our coffee, this morning. Taken over Bakersfield, CA, between 8:00 and 9:30 am.

DSCF1170b.jpg DSCF1171b.jpg DSCF1172b.jpg DSCF1174b.jpg DSCF1180b.jpg DSCF1181b.jpg DSCF1188b.jpg DSCF1193b.jpg DSCF1200.JPG DSCF1203.JPG

Mick West

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This thread s getting pretty long. It's fine to keep posting individual photos that don't belong elsewhere, but f you've got a collection of photos, or they are related to some event, or you have a question about them, then feel free to post a new thread in this Images forum, or the Skydentify forum.


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Crepuscular rays last night off as the clouds gathered after the hottest day of the year in Guernsey. The panorama shows the rays better.

image.jpeg image.jpeg


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just like how this quik snap came out looking south west from Grantville beach over Tenby point to French island sky's



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I was also camping in Yorkshire at the weekend and saw very similar skies (no photos worth posting though). Was it as windy where you were? I thought the tent was going to take off on Sunday night :eek:
This was actually a couple of weeks ago. It was Derbyshire at the weekend and yes, it was windy. although I think further north had it a little worse
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