Overall 9/11 CT debunking in one video!


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I just watched this - it is a very good overall expose of the "troof" movement and it`s collective ignorance...


Mick West

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Compare and contrast Billy-Bob's methodology on your video, to this:

He address AE911 at 25 minutes in, somewhat tongue in cheek, but still valid points.

AE911 looks slick, but every single one of their point has been quite solidly debunked. They are left with the building being brought down with magical nano-thermite, impervious to airplane impact and explosion, activated by unknown means, silently, and leaving no evidence, resulting in a collapse that looks exactly like an no-explosive verinage collapse. It would be laughable if they were not so serious about it.


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AE9/11 truth is anything but the "truth"

I do not give the CD theory any more credibility than I give Judy Woods "space beam"...