Needs Debunking: "UFO crash" near Rio de Janeiro


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There are confusing reports of explosions and lights from Mage, near Rio de Janeiro. Locals say this was a UFO crash of course. I can't find any reporting on official newspapers but something seems to be decently happening down there as there are many videos circulating on social networks.

Here is a video with a quick recap and a collection of clips:


And here is a collection of those clips from social media


The videos seem to depict:

A lot of witnesses so it does look like something blew/is blowing up. Is there any industry in the area for example?

Reports seems to indicate this happened around "Magè" near Rio (google maps:
the blue blob circled in your video thumbnail seems like just a bokeh. you can see the exact same effect at the very beginning of the footage, with the white and blue street lights.

I see no crash. can you give timestamps and screenshots so we know what is supposed to be a UFO crashing?
This incident seems to follow a fairly typical flow. Some sort of industrial device has a problem which results in an explosion and lights in the night sky, the authorities respond to fix the problem, their vehicles create more lights and activity around the area, local people who probably were not even aware of the actual device (usually these things are outside of town) until now film things from a distance with cell phone cameras and we see lots of out of focus zoomed digitally lights and flashes that are hard to figure out.

Fo you google "UFO + Transformer explosion" you'll see it's not that uncommon an occurrence, usually a few days after the event the local authorities will clarify sometimes in less open countries or if its not in a major city we might not find out for a bit or at all.
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I'm really struggling to see anything worth investigating here. Things occasionally explode. There are always lights at night. There's nothing I've seen so far the points to anything requiring an extraordinary explanation.
this guy drove the area the ufo supposedly fell, he says May 13th

Entenda a logística do local onde ocorreu uma possível queda de objeto não identificado. Vigias da fábrica e alguns locais disseram que não passa de boatos,nenhuma movimentação atípica por terra.
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Understand the logistics of the place where a possible fall of an unidentified object occurred. Factory watchmen and some locals said it was no more than rumors, no unusual land movements.
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I've been doing a little bored lockdown investigating of this specifically into the videos of loud sounds and bangs etc.

The videos and incident are all said to take pace near Mage in Brazil and the specific videos of noises are apparently from Raiz Da Serra and possibly Pau Grande.

There is what appears to be a military ordnance arms factory located in Raiz Da Serra "Military Material Industry of Brazil Imbel"

Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil Imbel

In the original post's Youtube video the section that starts at 0:58 is filmed from the gates of this factory, there is smoke rising from the trees behind a white building, on the satellite view in google maps you can see there is several large warehouse buildings that correspond with this location.

In the first bangs video (0:06) the large obelisks present in the video have Ministerio du Exercito (Brazilian Army) on them, I can't seem to locate them on street view though they could be new or street view doesn't extend to this location because it's linked to the military, or the video is from a different location altogether. There is a similar but differently shaped obelisk outside the arms factory.

So possibly some sort of accident at this ordnance factory which would explain the lights and explosions and the report of lots of military activity.
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Wow thanks, not sure how I missed that I "drove" around the area for ages!
they are blank on the other side, and I was looking for a side road, but its not a road just a pull off. probably would have missed them too but I kept turning around to see how big my mountain was behind me. :)
This "Mage Brazil" ufo frenzy made the reddit sub "ufos" explode. The users more or less demanded some moderators to step down, as they felt that there is censorship going on. In the end, these moderators were right to delete all this Brazil nonsense, but the harm has been done and they are now looking for a new moderator crew.

Hilarious, but sad.