Examples of lens reflections confused with UFOs in media photos.


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I thought it might be worth making a thread on easily demonstrable lens reflections in news media photos. So many of these get posted on social media as things like "UFOs over Ukraine!" or with questions such as "what are those lights in the sky?".

Source: https://twitter.com/OSiNT1523/status/1511087215077699585?s=20&t=Wx9N2OeaHvuc4cSij0Okzw

Here's one I've pre-debunked.

Source: https://twitter.com/visegrad24/status/1523757461081292800?s=20&t=TduDTDQ68t-MElgZuuYliA

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 10.10.35.png

From a post by NorCal Dave over in the thread about Laser at Skinwalker Ranch. Nice example of internal reflections of the laser emitters, I would not be surprised to see a similar setup on their TV show touted as lasers calling UFOs to them, if their budget allows them to keep renting the lasers...
Here's an interesting one reported in the Charlotte Observer Feb 15, 2021. Line of UFO lights reported by multiple folks, maybe Starlink or some balloon lanterns (at least one witness remarked that they looked like and flickered like lanterns.) But this image, published by the Observer...
ufolights_fitted charlotte.png

...was accompanied by the wonderful quote, "The blue lights I didn't notice until after I took the picture." Well, yeah.

Which lead to another "witness" who came forward to say that they had not seen the line of lights but DID see the triangle moving across the sky without a sound. Riiiiiiiight...

Source is paywalled but you can read it around the edges of the window telling you it's paywalled: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article248795870.html