Need debunking: Writings in the sky


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Came across a claim that writings appeared in the sky. I need help to know how this image was created. The pixelation resembles what one sees when you video record a TV screen.


Thank you20190121_090903.jpg

the claims are from Prophet Dr David Owuor’s Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church.

timestamp 16:46


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It just looks like a photo of some clouds, possibly a photo of a photo on a screen, with some "solarisation" effects added. I don't see any "writings"?


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I don't see any "writings"?
the "pattern fill" is supposed to be the writings i think. (although i dont think they used "pattern fill" exactly as you would need to photomask and the quality of their other photoshopped things isnt that great.)


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ok apparently its not that hard to pattern fill with your fuzzy select tools. upload_2019-1-22_12-0-38.png

add: i used pattern 'stripes' from the free Gimp program if anyone wants to play around with different photos. i think i over sturated before i pattern filled though, and i dont know what any of the option buttons mean :)

Mick West

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I think the "writing" is supposed to be the lines in the video:

Metabunk 2019-01-22 08-55-04.jpg

Which, with some imagination looks like a bit of the dead sea scroll
Metabunk 2019-01-22 08-57-22.jpg

However it's just horizontal lines in the camera that appear at certain brightnesses. It looks like interlaced video:
Metabunk 2019-01-22 09-01-16.jpg
There's no doubling of the image, so I suspect it's something like sensor overloading with an interlaced scan.


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Did you just edit the image to the right?
That come very close to this
yea. but if an interlaced sensor overload would do that, that makes more sense to me. who would even think up "hhmm maybe i'll try to make a pic with God writing in the sky". esp if God is gonna block out 80% of the writing with a cloud.


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Did you just edit the image to the right?
That come very close to this
hmm. i might be changing my mind. this camera guy is really into the sky and playing with his camera everytime something neat happens. here he is playing with a sunbeam. he might have gotten the idea from this. (wild speculation). But here the stripe is the color of the sky. he does keep shooting straight at the sun so his poor sensor!
Anyway, going through 2 days of revival (luckily second day camera man isnt filming sky at all) see if i can find those cloud shapes. so far no luck at all.

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