London: Oxford Circus evacuation

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Edit: It appears to have been a false alarm (or at least a rather exaggerated one). No confirmed reports of shots, and only one minor injury caused by the stampede. Oxford Circus back open.

Reports of an incident at Oxford Circus station in London, with terror police attending.

The usual false-flag rumours based on the timing of the British Transport Police's tweet shown on TV:


FWIW I am in London and the tweet also shows up as 8:49 AM for me - on the Twitter website the Californian time seems to be used, no matter where you are viewing it from.

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It appears that this whole incident was sparked by a small fight on one of the station platforms, which caused localised panic, leading to the platforms being evacuated, which in turn lead to further panic, and so on.

Undoubtedly rumours on social media had quite an effect in spreading the panic. It's an interesting case study of how a very minor event can blow up out of all proportion, especially against the backdrop of heightened terror alert levels.


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