Jonah Lehrer, books pulled, inacuracies and fabrication


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Are facts checked in the scientific mainstream-media publications ?
It appears so.

I'm in the midst of reading Lehrer's "How We Decide" (actually I'm listening to it on Audible).
I am finding it fascinating.

His publisher (HMH) first pulled his book, "Imagine" now pulling "How We Decide" for plagiarizing a 20 y.o. quote.
Source: 3/1/2013

"Imagine" problems....

While the troubles with Lehrer's fact-checking, plagiarism, mis-quotes, and recycling of his own material.....seems to piss-off journalistic tradesmen the most,
it is still important to keep consistency in order to keep credibility.

Perhaps the usefulness of this post, is to show the many doubters that mainstream-media can and will regulate itself to an extent. I am open to hear about other such "regulation"....or lack thereof.
When NaturalNews, or other non-print / independently published articles and books are inaccurate.....who raises the red flag of sloppy journalism ?
Perhaps it depends under what category the written material falls ?
Speculative....or whatever......

It depends on the Publisher's need or want to hold to truth-credibility, and/or based on their readership.
Just browse the subject aisles at your local bookstore.....plenty of speculation touted as the truth. Many publishers issue slant-based or alternative topics ....either because they believe in them, or that the Publishers are out to
sell hot topics to an eager public....regardless of content.

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Any time one is doing research on the medieval time period, you have to avoid Victorian sources and sources that USED Victorian sources. The 'research' in them is very poor and colored by Victorian ideals