How to post monospaced, pre-formatted text


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One way to post monospaced text is the ICODE tag for inline code, which can do this.
It works exactly the same as applying [B]bold[/B] or [I]italics[/I]. <- Leading spaces are not preserved, even though it looks like they are.

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Another way to post pre-formatted text is the CODE tag.
As "General code" [CODE],
no formatting such as [B]bold[/B] or [I]italics[/I] is applied.
   <- Leading spaces are preserved.
Rich (BB code):
As "Rich (BB code)" [CODE=rich], formatting such as bold or italics is possible.
   <- Leading spaces are preserved.
Rich (BB code):
Rich code allows nesting.

Sometimes, the solution is a table.
You can create it from scratch:SmartSelect_20230701-114403_Samsung Internet.jpg
Or you can paste an existing table into the editor.

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Tables have a context menu. It pops up when you click inside the table.
It lets you add a header, as well as add and delete rows and columns.
The trashcan icon deletes the whole table.
You can even put monospace text in a table.
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