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Unfortunately, Giphy seems to have deleted all the images I uploaded, which I did without making an account. So there are lots of places where the above shows up. I'm trying to fix them, and come up with a self-hosted solution for autoplaying short HTML5 videos to avoid this problem in the future.

Giphy does seem to be safe (for now) with images you uploaded with an actual Giphy account.

Mick West

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I've added a way to embed and loop short .mp4 videos. Upload them as an attachment, copy the link to the file, then used the [LOOP] tags to embed it:



The video autoplayed, and is muted. But the viewer can click on it to pause it, and also unmute it if there's any audio.


MP4 embedding is a welcome feature. an animated GIF can be more than 50x larger than an MP4 with the same quality.

Mick West

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MP4 embedding is a welcome feature. an animated GIF can be more than 50x larger than an MP4 with the same quality.
Giphy actually serves the images as mp4 wherever possible, downgrading to gifs as needed. But I think pretty much all browsers are compatible with embedded HTML5 video now.
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