George Ellery Hale: "No time has been lost."


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The quote I am looking for a proper attribution for comes from the last line of a 1983 Anti-Catholic tract entitled "National Sunday Law", which as might be guessed from the title makes a big deal about the sabbath. After 11 appencidices of Bible quotes the last one gets into some 'strange' claims about time and how to use astronomy to determine it.

I've attached a scan of the entire appendix 12 so that there is some context, though given the non-specific nature of the quote it could be difficult.

NationalSundayLaw_P91.jpg NationalSundayLaw_P92.jpg NationalSundayLaw_P93.jpg
In my experience religious tracts often end up paraphrasing quotes, often because they don't have the original source, and are going off what they read or heard from another religious source.

It does not seem like an unreasonable thing for Hale to say. Although it's not really about determining the day of the week.
It seems like from that clipping though, that it was in a private letter from Hale to Tefft, in response to an inquiry from Tefft.