GeoengineeringWatch Chemtrail Posters fly-posted in Sydney

Mick West

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This poster is cropping up in various locations in Sydney. It's interesting because apparently there's a lot of them, and it's a design I've not seen before. Who might be behind this? Maybe PeeKay?

I'm wondering if there's going to be an uptick in chemtrail stuff. Note the line "Respiratory Illness Epidemic". That harkens back to claims that emergency rooms were overflowing because of "Chemtrails" back around 2000. Now, 20 years later, is that just the same old rhetoric, or has the coronavirus given it a new meaning?

Mick West

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They apparently have been around a while, here's a mention of them in Richard Saunder's podcast from July 2018: - transcript (automated).txt

00:34:56,539 --> 00:35:01,818

00:34:58,519 --> 00:35:05,269
now not to be outdone somebody else
presumably somebody else recently in the
inner west area of Sydney on railway
bridges and along roadsides plastered
over advertising posters for other
companies in this case Apple

big posters
yellow red black and grey with a jet
with red emissions coming from the the
engines like condensation trails big
letters weather modification exclamation
mark on the other side but anyway
droughts melting ice caps and glaciers
bee colony collapse masts tree die offs
atmospheric saturation of methane
extreme bush fires reduced vitamin D
production shortage of food supply
respiratory illness epidemic epidemic
neurological disorders increased UV and
skin cancer complete global omnicide
join the fight help end this crime

stuff frightening stuff and what's even
more mysterious is these posters
appeared for about 24 hours and they
all vanished luckily I took the
opportunity to take a picture of them
and here's another one for the
conspiracy theorists though I don't
think it's much of a conspiracy theory

oh by the way there's also a large skull
and crossbones on this poster yes there
so the one for the conspiracy theorists
not much of a conspiracy here these
happened to be in the locations I saw
them plastered all over advertising for
Apple and the next day they were gone
mmm make of that what you will

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