They cannot debunk if we use the word geoengineering. I cannot stress this enough ..


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Sorry if this has been posted before...

I just came across this word file and found it interesting that Geoengineeringwatch seem to think that "They cannot debunk if we use the word geoengineering"...

Dear Friends,

Please FORWARD this email to all your lists.

A double-sided flier was handed out at the Mt. Shasta 1/22/11 World Chemtrail Awareness Day; the back page lists phone numbers you can call on every day that you see chemtrails,
which is about every day.

I plan on committing to myself to make at least 5 phone calls per day, and I'll rotate
through the phone numbers. If we all do this, we can make a big difference.
If nothing else, we will at least raise awareness of this issue in the minds of people
who absolutely have no idea that chemtrails even exist.

Here is what I plan on saying; feel free to use this script or make up your own:

"Hi! My name is ________ _________; I live in Siskiyou County, California,
and I'm calling to report that there is chemtrail/geoengineering activity in the sky today.
This activity is a crime against nature and all humanity. I want to know what
action you are taking to stop them from occurring in the future."

Regarding the above script, I sent this entire email to Michael Murphy [producer of "What in the World are they Spraying?"] and asked for his feedback. Here is his response:

"In order to get the attention that this issue deserves it is imperative that we use chemtrail/geoengineering programs together. There are too many "official" sources that have "debunked" "chemtrails". They cannot debunk if we use the word geoengineering. I cannot stress this enough. This has proven to be effective in exposing the truth to this crime against nature and humanity."

Michael J. Murphy


"EACH OF YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and focus your anger and frustration where it belongs...

Here is the list of phone #'s to call, as listed on the back page of the flier:


GOVERNOR ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER General information: (916) 445-2841 2841 (press #1, #5, #0)
Fax: (916) 445-4633Email - Chief of Staff is Susan Kennedy
[It's Gov. Jerry Brown now.]

Public Affairs Officer: (916) 654-0462 or(800) 491-1899 (press #1, #6)
Secretary A.G. Kawamura (he makes the final decision on spraying)
John Connell, the state's expert in insect eradication:
Steve Lyle (public affairs) in charge of public communication:
Nancy Lungren (spokesperson for Kawamura):

General Information: (916) 558-1784
Director, Mark B. Horton, MD, MSPH: (916) 558-1700,
Kevin Reilly, Deputy Director:
Online feedback/email:

ASSEMBLYMAN JOHN LAIRD (strongly opposes current spray plans)
(831) 649-2832 or (916)
SENATOR ABEL MALDONADO (831) 657-6315 or (916) 651-4015 or go web page to send him an email
ABC, 7 San Francisco News Department, (415) 954-7926, fax (415) 956-6402,
Associated Press (LA), Email Press Releases, (213) 626-1200,
Associated Press (SF), Email Press Releases, (415) 495-1708,
California/ Water News (managed by DWR),, 5/UPN 44/,
Bay Area News Room/Community Calendar, (415) 249-4444, fax (415) 765-8916
Contra Costa Times News,, 925-943-8235, fax (925) 933-0239,
Water News, two contacts, Amy Norris,,
East Bay Express News, (510) 879-3700, (510) 601-0217,
Fox 11 - LA/ KCOP UPN 13 - LA News Room/Desk,, (310) 584-2000, fax (310) 584-2023, http:// or
KCRA 3, NBC, Sac News Room, (916) 441-4050,
KRON Channel 4, San Francisco News Room,, (415) 441-4444, fax (415) 561-8136,
KTVU Channel 2, San Francisco News Room (510) 834-1212 or fax, (510) 451-2610,
KTXL Fox 40, Sac News Room, (916)739-1079 or fax, (916)739-0559,
KXTV News 10 - Sac, News Room (916) 441-2345 or fax (916) 447-6107,
Modesto Bee News Room, (209) 578-2207,
Oakland Tribune News Room, (510) 208-6450 or fax (510) 208-6477,
Oakland Tribune, Mario Dianda, Editor,, (510) 208-6432
Oakland Tribune, Leanne McLaughlin - Managing Editor, (510) 208-6448
Sacramento/ Bee, Stewart Leavenworth,, (916) 321-1001 or fax, (916) 321-1109, www.sacbee.
Sac Bee Folsom Bureau, Jim Downing,, (916) 608-7452 or fax, (916) 985-8473,
Sacramento News & Review News, Tips,, (916) 498-1234 or fax, (916) 498-7920, http://
San Francisco Chronicle, (415)777-7100 or fax, (415)896-1107,
San Francisco Examiner, News Room, (415) 826-1100 or fax, (415) 359-2766,
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, News Room, 707-546-2020 or fax, 707-521-5330,
Univision 34 KMEX, LA News Room, (310) 338-0700 or fax, (310) 348-3493,
UPN-31 KMAX, Sac News Room, (916) 925-3100 or fax, (916) 643-4809,

Besides phone calls, here are many other things that you can do;

On this page you will find "Breaking News" regarding chemtrails:

This page has 10 news items for Feb. 7, 2010, one of which is:

Chemtrails: An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins, Part 1.
ᄅBy Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Feb. 3, 2011

You can check out another great site:
I just noticed that there are letters from me and from Rose on the right side of this page!

scroll down and find this info:


This documentary [What in the World are they Spraying?] has taken off like a rocket! and many people have asked if they could organize a public screening in their local town. The answer, of course, is YES, YES.

That made us realize that this is a great way to introduce geo-engineering, not just to neighbors and friends, but to the whole town, so we are passing the idea to you. If you want to do something really different and reach a large number of people, this is for you. Our only caveat is that you should not try this alone. We suggest you bring together at least three others (the more the better) who will help with promotion and staffing the event. It also is recommended that sponsors be obtained beforehand who will cover the expenses in the unlikely but possible event that ticket sales and DVD sales fall short of out-of-pocket costs. Sometimes the best choice is to rent a small movie theater within a large movie complex because it already has ticket takers and ushers and probably won't require that you obtain liability insurance. All you need to add is a PA system (unless they have one) and arrange a place for your display tables and reception. We can help by providing art work for movie posters and flyers, and we will publish the details of your screening in the Unfiltered News Events Calendar. If you you would like more information, contact Michael Murphy, President of the Coalition Against Geo-Engineering, here.

This site will provide:

PDF images for promotion of public screenings:
? Movie poster 11" x 17"
? Flyer 8.5" x 11"
? Coalition sign-up poster (#1) 11" x 17"
? Coalition sign-up poster (#2) 11" x 17"
? Coalition sign-up sheets 8.5" x 11"
? Literature sales disclaimer 8.5" x 11"
? Order form for DVD: What in the World / Spraying

? Purchase DVD online, What in the World Are They Spraying

? Radio ad sample (Click here to have the ad customized at no charge for your event.


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Sorry if this has been posted before...

"In order to get the attention that this issue deserves it is imperative that we use chemtrail/geoengineering programs together. There are too many "official" sources that have "debunked" "chemtrails". They cannot debunk if we use the word geoengineering. I cannot stress this enough. This has proven to be effective in exposing the truth to this crime against nature and humanity."

This is akin to saying it's impossible to debunk the conspiracy theory that all cats are spying devices for the CIA because of the Acoustic Kitty project in the 1960s.

Steve Funk

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It is a form of framing. Using big words makes it sound like your argument has more gravitas. Dane Wigington likes to use the acronyms SAG and SRM, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management.

Jay Reynolds

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It is a form of framing. Using big words makes it sound like your argument has more gravitas. Dane Wigington likes to use the acronyms SAG and SRM, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management.
Dane also loves the words "Power Structure".
Which is where I think he'd like to be.


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Is the phrase - "Geoengineering" harder to debunk than "chemtrails" ?

I would say so - that is why they now employ that tactic.

It obviously gives the muppets a more "scientificated" description for vapour trails... :D

Jay Reynolds

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But the chemtrail believers that came up with the geoengineering gambit didn't know how to do science.

They never actually sought out how they could prove their case, using easily available facts.

But I did, and what I found disproved all claims that geoengineering is taking place:
I did this in 2005:

and again six years later:

Michael J. Murphy &Co. have already been informed of these facts. If they choose to continue telling this bunk to their followers, they are doing so with full knowledge that it has already been debunked. Essentially, they are setting up their followers for an epic fail.

Hear me, chemtrail believers.

You have been "set up" because your misleaders already know that what they have been telling you is false, easily debunked, and they won't 'man up' to the situation. Instead, they send you out unarmed, thinking that you have science on your side. Don't blame anyone else for the situation you find yourselves in, blame yourself and those whom you follow.
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