Geoengineering would be 'irrational and irresponsible' - Article on New Scientist

Thought this article would be an interesting read. One can deduce from the article that obviously nothing has been going on, it has been a bunch of scientists discussing and researching the feasability of the act. Another article on this same issue I read yesterday stated that calling it "geoengineering" implies a precision in changing the climate that is simply not in our ability right now.

Another interesting bit from the original link was an estimate amount/cost of sulphur dioxide needed to perform a sort of global dimming to cool the Earth.

A believer could interpret this as them winning and slowly changing the mind of the public, but I suppose you could also argue these articles are designed to fool the public that geoengineering isn't happening so "nothing to see here" while the worlds government is spraying the skies. A chemtrailers work is never over :)


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The link between the alledged chemtrails and this type of geo-engineering is a bit silly anyway. Sulphur dioxide forming aerosols would have to be spread in the stratosphere in order to have any cooling effect whilst the contrails are formed in the higher troposphere. And on top of that contrails have actually a net warming effect. (see e.g.:
Agreed, the link is silly. I just thought these articles gave further evidence that scientists are simply discussing the subject with each other, and that it isn't evidence any geoengineering is actually going on.

But great point about the layer of atmosphere at which geoengineering would have to happen!