Explained: UFO Filmed With Telescope [Loon Balloon]

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"UFO filmed with telescope" sounds ideal, as most UFOs are TFAs - Too Far Away to get a clear look. Unfortunately this one was not much better - it was filmed with a telescope, but seemingly with a phone camera held up to the eyepiece. The UFO itself was many miles away.
At first I thought it was lense flare, as it changed shape in the video with the phone focussing. But it was also claimed to be something visible to the naked eye. It also seemed to have and "antenna" coming from the top.
Then I remembered that many telescopes invert the image. So maybe was more like.
Now it looks like a ballon, and the obvious contender is a Loon Balloon, like.

The videos come from MUFON, case 114015. With description

Submitted: 2021-03-06
Event: 2020-07-26 7:25PM
Looked like Venus does in the evening but was way out of place so I grabbed my telescope to have a closer look. Hillsboro , TN, US
Appeared to be a planet like Venus looks in the evening but was in the wrong part of the sky. So I got my telescope out and was amazed at what I saw. Almost jelly fish like with bright blinding lights evenly spaced around the rim.
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7:25 PM CDT is 12:25 AM UTC, +1 day. So that's 2020-07-27. 2021-03-09_08-08-05.jpg

So there was a Google Loon Balloon 35 miles south of him, at 60,000 feet, at that time. I think that's pretty much case closed.

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