disneyland security cameras.


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There are people here a lot more qualified to decipher this than me, but I suspect it either a) a light anomaly caused by a moving light off camera reflecting on the lens of the cameras, b) a 'ghosting' effect caused by low resolution of the CCTV recording or c) a reflection on the monitors captured by filming the screens with a shaky hand held camera / phone.


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Pretty sure it's this guy!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.19.38 PM.png

In all seriousness, I'm not really sure what's making us see that line...
but it doesn't look terribly ominous...or even remotely like a "ghost"...


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I remember seeing this talked about on an article at cracked about convincing ghost videos (its entry #2 on the 2nd page). Re-reading it now doesn't come up with any real conclusions.

The fact that the apparitions if visible on several cameras at once and can be tracked suggests that its not a reflection on the monitor.


If you look at the original video's youtube channel and some of the other videos posted/liked it seems to me that this is all just a bit of creative marketing by disney et al.

Probably a bit of CGI to help promote the park or the ride itself. A ghost outside of the Haunted House? The Tower of Terror? Why wouldnt the ghost be at the concession stand getting Mickey Churro's or lining up for Thunder Mountain?


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well, since that's the Haunted Mansion he is walking out of... it's fairly obvious it's just one of the ghosts on a smoke break.



Maybe it is a playback and not a real time feed? I remember seeing similar effects when I used VHS tapes to record my favorite shows from TV. When the tape was really old and recorded many times over there were all kinds of "echoes" from the previous recordings visible.

You also have to ask how the guy knew there was going to be a ghost? I mean, he started recording the screens before there was anything visible. He knew.


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I can't get passed the idea that this entity is not restricted by closed gates but does require the ground to support it's weight and propel itself and follows a curved walled path.

Having said that, imo it's animation limb movements appears similar to many CGI bipeds.


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Like far too many videos of the 'paranormal' posted online and reported about online, it's clearly poor quality video footage taken of a monitor showing actual video footage, i.e. someone pointing something like an iPhone at a computer screen showing the original footage.

It's some dude pointing an iPhone (or the equivalent) at a computer monitor showing the actual footage and god knows what distortions and reflections have crept in along the way. It's like seeing horrible phone camera photos of horrible inkjet prints of 'ghost' photos taken on cheap cameras and then posted on Facebook.

Give us the original digital photos or video people! Crappy photos/video or horrible prints or computer monitors showing the actual photos/videos just doesn't cut it with anyone seriously interested in what you're trying to show us.