Debunked: Wingtip Chemtrails over London [Fuel Dump, New Jersey, 2010]

Mick West

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This supposed photo of "chemtrails" over London in 2013

Is actually a jet dumping fuel over New Jersey, USA, in 2010. And hence is a hoax.

Planes dump fuel when their trips are cut short, as they can't land when too heavy (they can take off though, obviously). See:

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Fuel dump (EDIT...already covered, I see!!)

AND it was NOT "over London".

That was COA 009 (the advert?? If you get one, PLEASE ignore!!):

ATC link:

(Note that the audio link, above, has been edited merely to eliminate time gaps, and also various ATC frequency changes. Also based on what
I hear, I think the First Officer was female, and the PF ("Pilot Flying"). Based on the "Position and hold" response. Subsequent communication is a male voice, likely the Captain. It is commonplace for the F/O to acknowledge ATC clearance to take the runway (the phrase now, since a few years ago, has been revised to "Line Up And Wait", this to be more in-line with world-wide standard terminology). After the F/O acknowledges, control for the takeoff is handed over, by the Captain, to the other pilot. And then the PNF ('Pilot Not Flying') handles ATC communication on the radios. I know this is a bit of detail, but I thought I would add it, nevertheless.

(You can hear a 'Master Caution' audible alert in the ATC recording, as the pilot had his mic open and transmitting. {Three rapid beeps}.)

COA 009, KEWR - RJAA (Newark New Jersey to TOKYO, Japan!!} A very, very long flight, with a LOT of fuel at Dispatch...and COA 009 experienced a HYDRAULIC problem (full system leak for the affected system) when the Landing Gear were selected to "UP".

Required a "RTD" or "Return to Departure" and thus, a fuel dump as part of the Emergency Procedure to comply with maximum landing weight AirFrame restrictions..
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Here is the Flight deck control on the overhead panel.

777 fuel jettison.JPG

The nozzles need to be opened via the left hand switches. The system will start jettisoning fuel once they are opened (manually). It automatically calculates what fuel is required to be jettisoned to be at Max Landing Weight at final destination.

That total can be manually changed via the centre rotary knob.


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since people like me tend to wonder "yea, but is that where the fuel is dumped from?" I looked it up. (see PDF document: Scale Drawings)

View attachment 6679

I am very proud of you, 'dierdre'!!

More to answer your question about "where" dump nozzles are physically located (it varies slightly depending on specific airplane):

since people like me tend to wonder "yea, but is that where the fuel is dumped from?" I looked it up. (see PDF document: Scale Drawings)

View attachment 6679

(That ^ ^ ^ one is definitely Continental, where I used to work...I recognize the screen immediately!!)

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Was this particular 'debunk this' infographic challenge recent or is it from 2013, and who posted it?


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Was this particular 'debunk this' infographic challenge recent or is it from 2013, and who posted it?

I think Mick West's point was, a still photo was grabbed from the YouTube video and used disingenuously, by "TankerEnemy"... (and we've debunked it to death, I imagine??).

ALSO, on the topic of "TankerEnemy": (HE) has used this same video, altered to deceive (which is his 'signature' in all his videos.

I refuse, in principle, to link any of his YouTube videos, lest they garner more "views". Anyone who cares may find his "YT" Channel, and speak their minds accordingly.
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Okay, was just wondering if it was a recycled hoax.

Yes, it is....and I take some pain to clarify this, as I have had occasion to encounter, and DISCUSS this very event on YouTube, many times, when it is brought up by those persons (On "YT") who cite it as so-called "chem"trail proof.

Sorry, but this one is something I happen to be very familiar with.

Mick West

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Yes, this has come up before. I just made a specific debunk for easy reference, as this type of "debunk this" image seems to get shared a lot.
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