Debunked: WeatherWar101-"Pineapple Express" Fantasy video


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The latest display of meteorological incompetence from youtuber WeatherWar101 regarding what was a typical Pineapple Express that hit SoCal recently. Not only is he unfamiliar with atmospheric rivers and specifically a recurring atmospheric river appropriately named the "Pineapple Express", he doesn't recognize, or pretends not to recognize, the equatorial band of low pressure and persistent convection known as the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). The trade winds, the 'westerlies' and the 'doldrums' (the doldrums is the ITCZ) have been known since the earliest days of transcontinental sailing ships. And long before the satellite era, the rainfall associated with atmospheric rivers is quite noticeable in historic precipitation records, such as the California central valley flood of 1861/1862 for instance.

Some highlights from the vid:

California has been in drought for ages.

For numerous reasons, sufficient natural evaporation and natural formation of storm systems from the Pacific Ocean, no longer occurs.
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The drought on the west coast is being caused by surface temps in the Pacific associated with La Nina/neutral ENSO in conjunction with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation in the cool phase combined with a stubborn semi-persistent high pressure ridge off the coast. The ridge is directing what moisture is coming up from the Pacific northward into British Columbia where snow pack has been at or above average. It's not a matter of availability, it's a matter of distribution.

...look at how completely unnatural the distribution of water vapor is on this planet
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Next comes a clip of atmospheric water vapor which shows a perfectly normal distribution of moisture with more in the tropics than the polar regions. That uneven distribution is due to evaporation off the warm waters of the tropics and the fact that colder air can hold less water vapor than warmer air.

WW101 adds the following text to the water vapor clip...

Look at the massive band of continuously generated water vapor around the center of the planet, versus the almost total absence in the northern hemisphere.
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As mentioned above, that "massive band" of water vapor is the ITCZ. Looks to me like sufficient evaporation is taking place.

Yet somehow, there is a "stream" of water vapor shooting off - directly at California - originating from the Hawaiian Islands area.
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That's an atmospheric river. Atmospheric rivers that come from Hawaii are known as the Pineapple Express. They happen several times a year on the US west coast and have been doing so for thousands of years.

The other problem (for the geoengineers) is that there aren't NEXRAD stations every 20 miles in the middle of the ocean to control the course of this water vapor generation and heavy-metal nano chem-cloud systems... and it's a long way from Hawaii to California.
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There are less than 160 nexrad stations covering the entire US and are therefore spaced much farther apart than 20 miles.

There's a good reason I don't ever say "HAARP"... That reason is I don't ever see it as an active component in global geoengineering - and that's not what this is either.

Phased array radar makes HAARP look like a ham radio, and there are almost 200 of those facilities (in nexrad form) in the United States alone... and who knows how many in addition to that network, or how many are in the open ocean in SBX-type and other platforms
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The IRI instrument at the HAARP facility IS a phased array. How could covering the country with only about 200 units result in a spacing of just 20 miles between them? WSR-88D radar is NOT phased array nor does the nexrad network act as a phased array. Based on these statements I doubt WW101 even knows what a phased array is. The NWS does have ONE phased array radar at the National Weather Radar Testbed in Norman, OK.

Next comes a real zinger...

Trying to pin all of this or focusing all attention on HAARP, is disinformation and misdirection... intentional or otherwise.

Back to the topic at hand however, as you can see the "pineapple express" fairytale is as big a fabrication as the "polar vortex" cover story, or the weekly "noreaster" mythology
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Anybody who tries to pass themselves off as some kind of expert on weather yet isn't even familiar with well known meteorological phenomena such as the pineapple express, polar vortex or noreasters... I mean about the only question at this point is asking if it's willful ignorance or purposeful deception by WW101?

Atmospheric River/Pineapple Express:

California Central Valley Flood 1861/1862,28804,2070796_2070798_2070791,00.html

Inter Tropical Convergence Zone:

Phased Array Weather Radar
He's apparently confusing dual polarization with phased array based on one of his comments. Yes, all of them were upgraded to dual polarization recently. But phased array on a national scale is a long way off.

Totally clueless comment. I'd love to give this guy and Dutchsinse a tour of our WSR-88 radar so they can show me these weather weapons. What's funny is I know for a fact in one of WW101's previous videos, he mentions the dual pol upgrade, apparently having absolutely no idea what that means. Nor does he know what phased array means. But it sure sounds cool, doesn't it? Like saying "klystron" and "decibels of Z" just sounds like you know what you are talking about when you say stuff like that.