Debunked: Mysterious/Alien Pyramid inside Area 51/NTS/NNSS


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A number of sources on the web have, since the advent and increased usage of Google Earth and other services providing satellite images, reported that a "strange" pyramid of supposedly alien origin can be see deep within the boundaries of (and each of these descriptions have been used in reference to the location) Area 51/NTS/NNSS.

To begin, let's do a little bit of disambiguation. As some of you may be aware, the term "Area 51" is often used indiscriminately and carelessly when referring to the Nevada Test Site (which is now known as the Nevada National Security Site). Area 51, whether or not the Government officially go on record to acknowledge the existence of a location with that name, does not encompass the entire NNSS, only a small part of it -- an airport and associated operations located near Groom Lake.

With respect to claims made about a mysterious/alien pyramid, the object in question is not located in or near "Area 51"/Groom Lake. It resides with Area 4 of the NNSS, approximately 30Km south-west of Groom Lake.

Here is an image of this so-called mysterious pyramid:

Here's another, just so that you can get an idea of how it's appearance changes based on what time of the day / which point during the year the satellite photos are taken:

Note that this second image is taken from the most recent satellite images available of this area and as such, additional facilities have been added to the site since the photo above was taken.

To help us find out the true nature of the facility pictured, we start by determining exactly where within the NNSS it is located. The geographical co-ordinates of the facility, according to Google Earth, are 37.05'45.73" N, 116.05'34.98" ( 37.096027, -116.093043)

By pinpointing our approximate position using this map:

We find ourselves within Area 4 of the NNSS, a small region located north-west of the Yucca dry lake and west of Yucca Flat.

A quick look at Area 4 on Wikipedia reveals the presence of a single facility known as BEEF (Big Explosives Experiment Facility), along with this photo,
taken at ground level:

It is in this photo that the true nature of the "pyamid" and "secret tunnel" becomes clear. The "pyramid" (although in geometric terms it does meet the criteria of being one) is actually a berm:

The tunnel itself ends at a wall and is not an entrance to the pyramid as many conspiracy theorists have claimed. The site -- as explained in DoE documentation -- features an underground concrete bunker from the earlier days of testing at NNSS and it is precisely for this reason that this site was chosen to host the BEEF project. You can see the access tunnel to this bunker in the top/right of the image above.

A detailed description of the BEEF facility can be found in this DoE document: Sheets/BEEF.pdf

Edit: Removed duplicate text and images caused by a copy/paste after receiving a security warning when attempting to submit the original post.

Edit 2: here are some links to what other people have to say about the pyramid in NNSS:

"Pyramids Globally Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud"

The Scott Waring "Perspective"

This gentleman suggested Electromagnetic Interferometry as an explanation for the pyramid:

And finally a YouTube video by someone claims to be an Alien Contactee:

There are many more -- I don't recall seeing any mention of BEEF in the articles I've looked at, please let us know if you happen to see one.
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Pete Tar

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Why connect the word 'alien' to a pyramid in the first place? Was there any weird activity associated with it or is it just an automatic 'Area 51 + pyramid = aliens'?

Mick West

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Why connect the word 'alien' to a pyramid in the first place? Was there any weird activity associated with it or is it just an automatic 'Area 51 + pyramid = aliens'?

More like "Area 51 = Aliens". There are lots of conspiracy theories about either alien technology or actual aliens at Area 51. So anything odd there would automatically have an alien connection (if you give credence to the theories).


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Why connect the word 'alien' to a pyramid in the first place? Was there any weird activity associated with it or is it just an automatic 'Area 51 + pyramid = aliens'?

After reading a few of the surprisingly in-depth hypothesis that people have offered (there are a couple out there than span 2 or more pages but don't even come close to identifying the "mystery" for what it really is), the fact that there's a pyramid out in the Nevada desert strikes some people as being weird. Why? There's at least one down the road in Vegas and it's several orders of magnitude larger than this tiny berm.

And like Mick mentioned, if people see something at "Area 51" and it looks odd they often jump straight onto the alien conspiracy bandwagon.


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Pete Tar

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What's the purpose of the berm though? Is it just the left over dirt from the tunnel?

And what's the estimation of size? The speculations all claim it's 'gigantic' but in the ground level photo it doesn't appear to be.


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To me, Pete, it looks like a bunker for testing jet engines.. the "tunnels" you see look like exhaust channels, especially the way they appear to taper outwards at the end.


The top berm looks like it is housing the bunker. The pyramid is probably for testing purposes. There looks what could be steps leading up the back.

Just my guess, but the shape of the pyramid could be so pressure waves pass by easier so testing/measuring equipment can be placed on it. If you're trying to measure pressure waves at different heights you would need a way to mount them at different heights.


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between the video beginning (I only got through about 30 secs ; ) and the old google earth images, the pyramid is the least weird thing in the area!!

pyrcrop.JPG pyr6.JPG


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What's the purpose of the berm though? Is it just the left over dirt from the tunnel?

And what's the estimation of size? The speculations all claim it's 'gigantic' but in the ground level photo it doesn't appear to be.

The LANL refer to the pyramid as the "Got Lost Dump" (see the image on page 3 of this document):
I suspect that the misconceptions surrounding the size of the pyramid are the result of people attempting to extrapolate it's dimensions via the Google Earth ruler tool. As you can see from the ground photos, the pyramid is much longer than it is higher, so measuring one edge from ground to apex will yield the faulty "gigantic" proportions that people have been claiming.

The Google Earth ruler is very accurate and can be used to measure width, length and distance from an orthogonal perspective, but because of the angle of the satellite taking the images with respect to the ground, trying to measure the height of something will often give incorrect results. It's a large pile of dirt, but it falls short of the 20m height people take from the Google Earth ruler.
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To me, Pete, it looks like a bunker for testing jet engines.. the "tunnels" you see look like exhaust channels, especially the way they appear to taper outwards at the end.
Jet engines are tested in cells, which are basically warehouse units. A duct will lead outside to a right-angle diverter which will point straight up.

If altitude tests are simulated, this requires a power station, (massive) pump units, and hundreds of feet of large-diameter ducting preceding it.

Best done at ground level, then…

It reminds me a lot of an American research facility created at the onset of WW2 to investigate the reliability of proximity fuzes.

An originally-British invention, such an establishment improved fuze reliability from about the (typical) British 4% to a nice American 99.7%.

Twenty million were made by 1945, and they undoubtedly contributed dramatically to the winning of both air and land wars, as all enemies were strategically and tactically totally unaware of their existence.

Oh, yes. The shells were fired straight up.
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Mick West

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It was aliens!! It;s exactly the same kind of spiral of circles I saw at the Stonehenge Crop Circle in 1996.
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