Debunked: Monsanto wants to replace the bees they are killing with genetically engineered flying ant

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Once again the Conspiracy Promotion websites saw a Satirical story and without checking for any sources to verify anything, they went nuts in their usual hate for Monsanto, reposting this satirical story thinking it was real. This was already covered here in Metabunk prior to the Conspiracy Websites jumping on it, too bad they didn't do any actual research into whether the story was Bunk or not.


When doing a Google search for that headline, there were over 24,000 results.... Doesn't anyone ever Fact Check? Check their Sources? Apparently not the Conspiracy Crowd, they see something that fits their world view and they just start reposting it without even realizing it was a hoax story.


The story first appeared in World News Daily Report, which is a satire publication similar to the onion.


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um why does the CT crowd hate fear or is told to poo poo Monsanto? does it stem from some real failure or past crime or are they subconsciously unhappy about being over weight from the cheap & plentiful food that chem companys bring to the tabel


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It's jus another NWO thing - Monsanto trying to take over the world's food supply, forcing us all to eat their products, driving "real farmers" off the land, etc.

AFAIK mainly came about due to roundup-resistant seeds and some court cases about people using them without paying and/or having their own crops contaminated with them.


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um why does the CT crowd hate fear or is told to poo poo Monsanto? does it stem from some real failure or past crime or are they subconsciously unhappy about being over weight from the cheap & plentiful food that chem companys bring to the tabel

I think it because if you look at their history, they have produced some of the nastiest chemicals around - agent orange and pcb's to name a couple - I'm sure there are a lot more.

For people who worry about all these toxic chemicals being sprayed all over the place, getting into the soil, air and water, causing all manner of environmental problems etc ... Monsanto is the archetypal big corporation running willy nilly over the small people that stand in the way of their ever increasing profits ...

I guess that includes people who think (rightly or wrongly) that organic food is a better way to go, more in line with natural cycles, better for the other animals and creatures we share the planet with, maybe healthier for us ...

I think the obesity problem is more from people eating too much junk food full of fat and sugar, rather than among the natural / healthy / organic / bean sprout eating / sandal wearing / tree hugging / monsanto hating demographic

So confirmation bias sees to it that anything that looks "anti-monsanto" gets instantly shared worldwide


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Monsanto was one of the 2 major companies that made Agent Orange - and it was them that had the contamination with dioxins that caused all the problems (or at least most of them) due to a problem in their manufacturing process.

But they had reported the contamination as early as 1952!! but nothing was done about it, and the contamination wasn't made public until 1969 - so there actually was a cover-up!!

And then of course there's het health problems of the vet's that were heavily publicized through the 80's and 90's.

It was just fuel for the fire once someone figured out "they" were trying to take over the food supplies!!
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