Debunked: Islamic State (ISIS) orders female circumcision (FGM, Female Genital Mutilation)


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It used to be around that high but enthusiasm has waned over time
Does anyone know why the rate of circumcision dropped so much in the US. I can't believe "enthusiasm" is the culprit behind the decline. I honestly thought it was a healthlier choice to get circumcised.


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Actually...the topic is FEMALE mutilation. As practiced (I infer) in some societies, as a means of control over a patriarchal-dominated societal mindset. It is vile, and abhorrent, what they do to innocent victims.

ETA: Of course, a male baby whose parents decide to circumcise has NO say in the matter also.

BUT....this doesn't eliminate the pleasure aspect of the sex compared to the FEMALE abuse that is the topic.


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I honestly thought it was a healthlier choice to get circumcised.
but there was never any evidence to support that viewpoint. I like to think that over time society tends toward giving up its harmful superstitions, FGM included but it can be slow going.


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I come from an Kenya.

Please then tell us.

Is female genital mutilation a problem, in Kenya? IS Kenya a muslim-dominated nation??

(Because....let's be clear, here. The ONLY societies that ALLOW or CONDONE these atrocities against women are MUSLIM societies.....)


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PLEASE by all means...correct me IF I am wrong.

Circumcision and ALL genital mutilations are religion-based? Yes, or no??

RELIGION is a terrible "mind-fuck"? Yes, or no??

Shall I continue? (YES or NO)?

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No, will go even further off-topic :)

But Islam is mixed on the topic, mostly for, some against.

Pete Tar

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However, there's more to it than just Islam -


Highly debatable on the 'medicinal' (sic?) benefits
Medical benefits are not debatable. There are few cases where circumzation can have medical benefits. I personally know only one guy who has done the circumcation and that was done because his foreskin was really tight and needed to be removed because having it was just too painful. This however this is really rare case but there are sometimes medical reasons to get circumcised.

And to be clear that I do consider circumcations as a mutilation if it is made by any other reason but than medical reason to males or females.


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This sura has been interpreted to mean Qur'an forbids man to change nature or mutilate any creature. Islamic scholars against FGM claim that this verse from Qur'an forbids all things that change what nature has meant it to be, including female circumcision and birth control. Some scholars[27] find this religious view unpersuasive, because Muslim male circumcision also mutilates and changes nature, and male circumcision is a practice that is widely considered as obligatory to recommended under Islam
Jews also have a similar passage, but it's interpreted differently. If you've ever had the pleasure of walking through a hasidic neighborhood you would quickly realize that none of them shave their side burns. There are coveted areas of the body that Jews aren't allowed to shave and they aren't allowed to deface their bodies as well with tattoos. I remember when I was younger and my mother and father were arguing. My mom took me and my brother to her friends in brooklyn for the weekend, and came home with a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder and my dad and his parents literally freaked out and were worried about her soul when she died. But jews promote circumcision as a rite of passage. It's not done in the hospital and in many cases it's performed by a rabbi at your home.


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Agreed. We found artwork in a tomb of Egypt which depicts the oldest evidence for circumcision dating to around 2400BC. Most people think Semites started circumcision, but to the contrary they think it was actually the Egyptians. In the Genesis however, Abraham was told to circumcise himself, his household and his slaves as an everlasting covenant in their flesh. The origins of circumcision for both man and women date back quite aways, and when westerners learned of this tradition those who were circumcised were outcast and often were embarrassed to shed their clothes in front of people, like the Jewish people with the Germans during the Holocaust.

So all I'm saying is, sure we look down upon it, and think its disgusting and it ruins women, but to other cultures they don't see it the same way. Now everyone, or most people in the developed world get circumcized a day after they are born because we know it has medicinal benefits. It's accepted in most of the world these days. So who knows, maybe FGM will become more accepted down the road even though there aren't any clear medicinal reasons for the procedure. I'm just trying to keep an open mind about this, but forcing women to get the procedure is unlawful and should be stopped when possible.

Female circumcision is mutilation intended to deny women having pleasure during sex by removing the clitorus, and sewing up the entry to the vagina.. Male circumcision was never done for that reason.


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Female circumcision is mutilation intended to deny women having pleasure during sex by removing the clitorus, and sewing up the entry to the vagina.. Male circumcision was never done for that reason.

THAT (^^^^) is an accurate assessment of the situation.

SOME people (men) will claim that the removal of the foreskin on the male penis can diminish the sexual pleasure aspect.

BUT.....this topic involves (and pardon me for being too graphic) is the SAME as if the glans of the male penis were cut off. The glans of the male penis is where the "pleasure" nerves are located.

THIS IS ABHORRENT!!! Female Genital Mutilation is a CRIME!


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Female circumcision is mutilation intended to deny women having pleasure during sex by removing the clitorus, and sewing up the entry to the vagina.. Male circumcision was never done for that reason.
But there are women who elect to get FGM. Mutilation only occurs in hostile environments.

Mick West

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But there are women who elect to get FGM. Mutilation only occurs in hostile environments.

I think this all getting off topic. The topic was about a supposed edict forcing women to be mutilated against their will. A discussion of the vagaries of the border between cultural norms and oppressive practices is neither here nor there.
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