1. D

    Mecca, center of land masses?

    Hello, everyone! A Muslim researcher by the name of Yehia Wazeri claims, in this video [1] and this paper [2], that the region of Mecca lies in the center of all land masses, thus making this holy place geographically special. To demonstrate this claim, he shows the maximum distances between...
  2. Priyadi

    Islamic Rituals and Spherical Earth

    Some Islamic rituals are performed using the parameters obtained from various astronomical phenomena. Traditionally, they are determined from manual, self-performed, visual observations. Science allows them to be instead determined from calculations that use the spherical Earth model. The fact...
  3. Mick West

    Debunked: Furious American Citizens In San Bernardino Burn Down Radical Islamic Mosque

    On December 11, 2015, 23 year old Carl James Dial Jr., of Palm Desert was arrested for the firebombing of mosque of the Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley earlier that day. The lobby of the building was damaged, and nobody was injured. Dial seems to have acted alone, and the mosque was 75...
  4. Mick West

    Debunked: Islamic State (ISIS) orders female circumcision (FGM, Female Genital Mutilation)

    Multiple news outlets are repeating this story, originally from Reuters A top UN official in Iraq has said the Sunni Islamist group Isis controlling the city of Mosul is seeking to impose female genital mutilation. All females aged 11 and 46...