Debunked: Cloud Angel in Florida for the new Pope?

A client of mine saw this above his house a few weeks ago. I believe in signs from heaven and this one was posted to me the day after my sweet chinchilla was killed. I prayed that I would know he was safely delivered and that there would be some sort of sign to let me know he was in heaven. The very next day I seen this in my messages and I knew that that was my sign. He was the most beautiful and most loving creature and I miss him everyday.
Sincerely sorry for your chinchilla loss. Really. It's terribly painful to lose a cherished pet.

But the attached file confused me, as I'd always been led to believe that most chinchillas
were Hindu or Sikh...unless perhaps the gods threw up a sign that they felt might comfort you (?)
You're right. Just like when people see Jesus on a piece of toast, He looks just like His paintings. :)

Jesus was a painter?...kewl!...besides on toast, where can I see more of his paintings?...oh, not that kind of paintings?...okay, then my house needs a couple fresh coats...are his rates reasonable?