Debunked: Chang'e-2 photos of Alien Base on Moon [Hoax]


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Watching video about ufo on nasa Apollo landing now I knew of some stuff like landing was staged "supposedly" but why what happen.? The video about secret moon base actual NASA documents. Why hasn't NASA been back on foot which is strange.... Help me someone

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I've edited your post to include the claims and what little evidence they provide for them. When you make a thread you should always include all the information you can.
But this is really just someone saying something and not really offering much reason to believe them.
I would avoid that site and others like it as they don't even put much effort into offering evidence, they just are interested in getting traffic.

The photo's a little bit interesting, but digital artifacts should be the first thing that is ruled out before jumping to conlcusions like these.
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The image is not a picture from the Chinese orbiter at all. It is an edited version of a photo from NASA's Lunar Orbiter 3, taken in February 1967!

Original pic:

The area in question is at the back right of the prominent flat plain in the centre, close to where the vertical stitching artifact crosses it.

Comparison, created by user "duhdiggitydan" on AboveTopSecret, here:

The field of view in those two comparison shots isn't a very good match. I'm sure someone here could knock up a better overlay comparison, but I don't have time right now.
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Why hasn't NASA been back on foot which is strange....

Hi Tony,

Not strange at all really: It is very very expensive.

After Apollo finished with Apollo 17, the US government felt they had achieved their aim in beating the Soviets to the moon. Pairs of Astronauts rummaging around for moon rocks did not really achieve very much after the first couple of times except to capture the imagination. The risks of these missions was also incredibly high so perhaps they thought to quit while they were ahead.

Skylab was next, and was considerably cheaper and lower risk, followed by the Space Shuttle. The Space Shuttle was intended to be a cost effective method of space exploration and was commercialised to launch satellites. It didn't quite turn out to be commercially viable, but relatively reliable.

Its pretty much all a matter of funding, political motivation and risk.

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It's an exact match for the older image, just a bit of blur and contrast, and then the structures added digitally.

The story has been kicking around various sites for a while (since Feb 2012), some attribute it to "The Canadian", which is actually just a news aggregator site that anyone can "publish" on:
This particular "The Canadian" story was "compiled" by Scott Waring, and, as seen above it uses as a source Scott Waring, and the link now redirects to his site "UFO Sightings Daily"

Which in turn references a video by "Alien Disclosure Group (UK)",

There is no "report", the quoted text is just from the description of the YouTube video, which was later updated to also say:
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Tony, if there really were an 'alien base' on the far side of the Moon, don't you think the LRO would have spotted it long before now, with its superb images, the best of which have a resolution of 0.5m/pixel?


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Tony, if there really were an 'alien base' on the far side of the Moon, don't you think the LRO would have spotted it long before now, with its superb images, the best of which have a resolution of 0.5m/pixel?
This is a very good point.

That Lunar Orbiter photo was frame 3085:

The principal point location is:

You can put these coordinates into the LROC Quickmap viewer:

and quickly find the relevant area.

This is the place where the "base" has been added on the LO photo:


and this is the same area on the LROC map. Obviously the perspective is different but you can see the same features, including the line of three craters at the left and the horizontal ridge with a crater on top, in the foreground in front of the hills. Note that this view is at 64 metres per pixel (may be slightly rescaled on your screen).


Zooming in further on the exact location of the "base", we can get right down to 50cm per pixel and find nothing but craters and rocks:


Link to location on LROC:,F,100;wac_bw_v1_plus_nacs,T,100;=


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Why hasn't NASA been back on foot which is strange
BombDr touched on this, but the big problem with Cold War era space exploration is that both countries governments were on different pages than their space programs, but everybody seems to think they were on the same page which none of them actually were.

The US government was in it for national pride - they wanted to beat the Soviets to something. Anything, really, the moon was convenient but they'd settle for less if they could or shoot for more if they couldn't. Science was expensive but pride was priceless.
The US space program wanted to do manned and robotic interplanetary exploration.

The Soviet government mainly wanted weapon delivery systems and intelligence.
The Soviet space program wanted orbital construction and long term sustainable presence.

In a way, both programs were a product of the German rocketry program, which had the same disconnect. The German government wanted long range terror weapons, while the program runners wanted space travel and advanced aircraft.

The problem all around is that when the desires of the government are met or change the support level for the program suddenly evaporates, and as budgets are redrawn year to year that money goes to other programs. Only the Russian program survived that process, and even there just barely - their unmanned programs gutted as badly as NASA's manned ones, their interplanetary programs delayed into the distant maybe just like NASA's, etc.


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Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as “Luna,” [/EX]

Okay, I'm plenty cheesed-off, but not because our stupid government did this behind our backs,
or that we got troll'd by a 48 year-old photo.

No, I'm mostly mad because our fancy-pants (remember their ritzy $640 toilet seats?) "Military Intelligence"
wizards dreamt up "Luna" for our alien moon base! :rolleyes: Seriously guys? How about a little creative effort
when you're subverting democracy?!? It's like naming your new puppy: "Dog." Unacceptable!

Any truth to the rumor that "Nutz Over Chocolate" is the name of the most popular gay Luna Bar?
Apologies for the thread necromancy but I came across this while researching a debunk post for someone who has recently posted a video making this claim at infowars.

The Lunar Orbiter photograph in question appears in 'The moon as viewed by lunar orbiter', of which I have an actual copy dating from 1970.

This is the relevant part of the image from my copy:

I also have two lunar atlases from the same period that mostly consisted of images taken by terrestrial telescopes, and no factories can be found in there either!

China's actual data are now available as detailed here:
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