moon hoax

  1. Nandude

    Light Fall Off in Apollo Missions - American Moon Documentary

    The claim in the American Moon documentary is that some of the photos show that they were taken in a studio with spotlights, and by extension on earth in a studio, because of the way the light falls off in the photos. The premise being that, given how far away the sun is, the entire landscape of...
  2. nickrulercreator

    [Debunked] Apollo 14 Flag Waving Before Ascent?

    Recently saw this video (link at bottom of paragraph). I want everyone to know I DO think we went to the moon, this is just an interesting point being brought up by a hoaxer. I just want to know if there's an explanation as to why the flag appears to be swinging in and out of frame. I can't seem...
  3. Tony_Sigel

    Debunked: Chang'e-2 photos of Alien Base on Moon [Hoax]

    Watching video about ufo on nasa Apollo landing now I knew of some stuff like landing was staged "supposedly" but why what happen.? The video about secret moon base actual NASA documents. Why hasn't NASA been back on foot which is strange.... Help me someone...
  4. Graham2001

    Aulis article uses NASA documents to cast doubt on the reality of Apollo

    I first spotted this article (Is There Any Hope for a Moon Base? by Phil Kouts) in the August-September 2014 issue of Nexus Magazine (Vol. 21 No. 5) and have subsequently been pointed to the online version. The authors claim as written in the 'blurb' to the article is as follows: NASA...