Debunked: Amazing Footage of WWII Chemtrail Experiments

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Very interesting video. It's quite genuine (Although it's actually from 1923, not WWII), and shows a plane laying down a vertical curtain of smoke, with the caption "To protect the bombing plane the Air Service can lay a smoke curtain".

It looks like the curtain of smoke would be laid down between the ship and an approaching bomber, so the slower bomber can approach the ship without being seen.

This video has been used by chemtrail theorists in two incorrect ways.

Firstly they suggest it's "Chemtrail Experiments", when it's quite clear it's just a low level vertical smoke curtain. It's no more a "chemtrail" than crop dusting or sky writing is.

Secondly, they suggest this is what is going on in ALL the WWII contrail videos and photos. However this technique only works for a low level trail and bomber, and would be totally useless to conceal a high altitude bomber. And of course the bombers themselves are usually the planes producing contrails.

In WWII pilots would try to NOT make contrails, as rather than concealing them, they would point them out to enemy gunners, like giant fingers in the sky.

We were flying in as close formation as possible to leave a good bomb pattern in the strike area. Flak hadj ust begun to explode as the anti-aircraft gunners searched for our range. We were easy for them to spot, as our contrails were heavy that day, pointing like fingers in the sky toward our squadron as it flew straight and level on its bomb run.

Original Source:

Location: Diamond Shoals North Carolina
Date: 1923, September 5

Army Air Corps bombs the obsolete battleship "New Jersey" and "Virginia" at Diamond Shoals, N.C. Chemical Warfare Smoke Curtain seen. Officers check the bomber aircraft before take off. USS New Jersey BB-16 anchored and after several bomb droppings sinks in the sea.
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Not WW2 tho - the aircraft are biplanes so probably late 20's or early 30's.

I'm not aware of this technique being used at all in WW2 for the purpose of shielding aircraft - I suspect they quickly realised that if the ship couldn't see the a/c then the reverse was true...which made hitting the ship quite difficult!! :D

Aerial laid smoke screens were used at Normandy and some other occasions in the "land war" though.

Anzio was covered by a "light haze" of smoke for a whole 2 months to scupper German artillery observers - although that was not from the air.


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This video has an example of air generated smoke for concealing paratroop drops at 5.17 for about 2 seconds!

Stills from this are also on the 1st link below

The allied parachute assault on Nadzab in New Guinea also used aircraft generated smoke screens - but by the look of the photos on this article (about 1/4 down the page) they used bombs or other dropped devices rather than "spraying" - see also

I knew I'd seen something about an airborne US smoke generator from WW2 - M10 Airplane smoke tank, and also a Wiki article, which references that page.

I note that these were used at Nadzab.
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