Current Events Forum Guidelines

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This forum is intended to allow for the discussion of current events that are likely to prompt conspiracy theories or other false claims or theories that could need investigation and explaining.

Discussion should be fact based, and should be backed up with quotes, links, etc. Avoid speculation and personal opinions.

Major events, particularly those that involve several casualties, are often portrayed in the conspiracy community as some kind of "false flag" fake event that was created by the powers-that-be in collaboration with the media to effect some change (such as prompting war or civil unrest, or justifying restrictions on freedoms locally).

Examples of such events
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Large explosions
  • Natural disasters
  • Plane crashes
  • Unexpected deaths
  • Something with potentially significant political consequences
By allowing open discussion on an event as it unfolds we can observe the roots of the conspiracy theories - which frequently go through several iterations. But observing these early beginnings, and being familiar with the initial stream of information regarding the event, it will hopeful aid in later debunkings of claims behind the versions of the conspiracy theories that pick up steam.

Such events often involve casualties. Please be respectful of the victims and their families. Do not post pictures of injured people or bodies without very good reason, and then preferably via links with warnings.

Individual claims of evidence regarding a theory should still preferably be addressed in individual threads following the posting guidelines.

This forum should only be used in the immediate aftermath of an event, while the story is still developing.

For new topics, try to include in the thread title the name of the event as used by Wikipedia, and include a link to the Wikipedia page for the event in the first post, along with the high level Wikipedia description. You can add "Conspiracy Theories" to the thread title to make it easier to find with search engines.

When the even becomes no longer current then the thread may be closed. If there is sufficient interest in continuing the discussion then it might be moved to a different forum, or (for major events) to a new sub-forum.
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