Claim : TransAisia plane crash is a hoax


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I've just seen a video (below) that claims that the dash cam footage of the recent plane crash in Taiwan is fake.
The claim is that the aircraft in question appears to pass through one of the lamp posts. I think it's obviously just something to do with the video compression, but as it's already had 11k + views I thought it might be worth debunking properly.

There are also more hoax claims linked under the video


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the CNN video he links to (where the pole never disappears) isnt even the same scene, and i cant find his original footage to test.

What i want to know is why when i freeze his video i keep getting two buildings and two planes




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Not entirely sure where he got his video from, but as Deirdre pointed out, the pole doesn't disappear in the CNN video (which seems to be from the original, unedited source).

I'd imagine the only reason they started to slightly distort into each other is because of the poor quality of the camera, although, I'm sure someone else can elaborate more technically!

It would also be interesting what he means by 'hoax'. Does he think the plane didn't crash/exist? Which wouldn't reconcile with the abundance of pictures of the aftermath. Or does he just think this is another false flag? Which seems to just be turning into a bit of a thought-terminating cliche in the CT community...

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What i want to know is why when i freeze his video i keep getting two buildings and two planes

Because that video is not the original, it's been converted to a different frame rate, which is done by blending together original frames to make new frames.

The better video is right at the start of the CNN clip (which is different from his video, the CNN video was shot from the car in front), at 30 frames per second. However the original seems to have been shot at 10 frames per second (done to save space on the memory card), so this is converted to 30 fps simply by duplicating the same frame three times in a row

However when they slow it down more, it's not at an exact multiple of ten, and so new frames have been created by blending together original frames. So you get ghosting in the CNN video too (frame 812).

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The claim is that the aircraft in question appears to pass through one of the lamp posts. I think it's obviously just something to do with the video compression

That's obviously what it is. Now the camera used there, a MiVue538 can do fairly nice 1080p video, so this is not raw video. Looking at the one posted by Reuters, it says:

So compressed to 640x360 at 343 kbits/sec
If I take this HD example file:

Compress it with these settings:

We get this video (also attached).

And we get similar artifacts, like where the cable of the bridge seems to go behind the horizon:


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Great job, Mick...the cable shot, esp.

Even at their highest settings (usually 1920x1080) these cameras struggle with detail
because they need to be so wide-angled.

Thus, I never take mine (HP F210 1080p) out of the top setting...some folks put them on lower settings
to save a bit of memory, but microSD/SDHC cards are so cheap today, I think that that's an unwise choice.
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Less than 10 meters away at 62 mph usually = venison for dinner : (


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This is a confirmed airplane accident. It is not a hoax.

It's interesting to listen to the narrator of the video that is part of the Opening Post, or 'OP'.

His voice....obviously North American.....possibly US..... possibly Canadian (West coast).

MY 'POINT' is....(Trying hard here to make one)....there will ALWAYS be people who wish to "instigate" within any fairly covered media event.

Airliner "crashes" seem to be a sort of "feeding-frenzy" for these sorts.

PLEASE! Step-away, and wait for a proper investigation BEFORE speculating!!!!


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In related News, it looks like they had an engine problem, then shutdown the wrong engine.

That would do it...

My guess is that they were trying to land in the river rather than the freeway, due to the gear being still retracted, attempted the "stretch the glide" and stalled.

This has happened before, although it isn't supposed to. Correct engine identification in an emergency is critical and once an engine is shutdown it can take some time to restart.
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