Claim: Ronald Reagan warned the world of aliens/alien invasion


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I'm unsure if this is meant to go here as the claim is very frivolous, however I found that quite many Ufologists believe this to be the case so it may be potentially good to debunk. Apologise if not.

On multiple different occasions, the 40th president of the United states mentioned in his speeches that how the world would unite if the world was facing an extraterrestrial threat.


In addition to that, Spielberg's ET was screened in the white house and apparently Reagan told Spielberg that the not many people know the truth


This seems like a rather dubious manipulation of facts as, whist apparently Spielberg was told something along those lines by Reagan, he (as well as the rest of the room) treated it like a joke


These remarks have been used by Ufologist for a while to prove some of their claims. For example, in the Area 51 Alien interview "documentary", Reagan's speech is used to (allegedly) highlight how the partnership between aliens and US government ended


(Time stamp from 20:53 to 22:33)

I'm not sure why Reagan spoke so much about alien invasion, but it might be to do with the fact that he was into sci-fi films and had an interest in UFOs. One would imagine that, if the threat was real or imminent, Reagan wouldn't be so subtle, in addition to that, no other president has addressed anything like that, quite on the contrary, many president have claimed how the US government is not in contact with ET's.


This overall claim that Reagan knew about either aliens or an alien invasion holds no ground as it's a claim based on speeches that were directed at the cold war, however, ufologists still claim that there is more to meet the eye towards the speeches, however, they've not shown anything to prove this claim, they only use baseless belief to hold Reagan's remarks as "evidence." I saw on reddit that people to this day use this as evidence that US is aware of aliens as well as prominent ufologists use this to further their claims, like Scott C Waring


So what do you guys think? Do you think Reagan was warning of aliens, or, more logically, was he just using a hypothetical situation based on his own interests? This "evidence" doesn't seem to even qualify as evidence, so why do people use it as proof for their fringe theories?


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None of that sounds like warning. maybe wishful thinking. or paranoia.

This "evidence" doesn't seem to even qualify as evidence, so why do people use it as proof for their fringe theories?

The vast majority of "evidence" conspiracy theorists or woo believers use doesn't qualify as evidence. Hence the analogy of Rabbit Hole.

"On Sept 16, 1983, US President Ronald Reagan gave a memorable speech in front of the United Nations. In it, he subtly suggests that aliens exist and that all of humanity could be lost if they decide to attack.
"Of course President Reagan had inside information from the CIA and NASA and was told that aliens do exist.
"But he couldn't just come out and say so without breaking national security rules.
"So instead, he subtly hinted to the rest of the world leaders about what he had learned from the CIA and NASA. He also knows that a small percentage of the other presidents at the United Nations meeting also knew about the existence of aliens.

no he didnt. not september 16th anyway or the 25th or 26th. not that i see anyway (transcripts reaganlibrary link, vids on youtube)

on september 26 he gave a speech:
it is an anti-war speech. and anti-nuclear war. and pro-arms control. you don't implement arms control if you think aliens are gonna attack.
(note ET came out before this speech. )

i'm not giving timestamps as the whole speech is important.


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None of that sounds like warning. maybe wishful thinking. or paranoia.

Yeah, like you said, probably just wishful thinking or paranoia. It just seem like it was his favourite analogy, but conspiracy theorists will grab on to anything no matter how much of non-evidence it is I guess

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I think it's more just the observation that people in a situation who might be natural competitors will naturally band together against an external enemy.

Our dogs fight each other sometimes - usually over resources (food, couch space), but when someone knocks on the door they are suddenly on the same team.

When we are talking about geopolitics, an external enemy would be aliens. Of course, you could also have more likely things like asteroids, or climate change, but it's a less effective thought experiment.

Alexandria Nick

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It strikes me as both deeply cynical and very hopeful at the same time. On one hand, the only thing that could get us to actual band together is a threat so vast as to threaten the entire world. But, on the other, that we'd do that means there's a slight glimmer of hope that cooperation isn't completely out of the picture.
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