Claim: anti-riot forces in Iran sexually assaulted a female protester


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The BBC yesterday claimed that:

A video of anti-riot forces in Iran sexually assaulting a female protester whilst trying to arrest her has provoked fury on social media.

This latest video, which happened in Tehran's Argentina Square on Wednesday, shows a group of officers in protective gear and helmets surrounding a woman on a main road.

One of them grabs her by the neck and leads her into a crowd of about two dozen police, many of whom are on motorcycles.

While the woman is being forced towards one of the bikes, another officer approaches her from behind and puts his left hand on her bottom.
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The incident can be seen from 44 seconds in this video here:


Two things:
  1. The claim is that "anti-riot forces sexually assaulted the woman" - but the video shows only one officer, singular
  2. It looks pretty clear to me that he is trying to push her on to the motorcycle as part of her arrest
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