Another sun path claim

Here this flat earther claims to have have a problem with globe earth predictions of the Autumnal equiox at 44 degrees north

Heres his angle at 8.00 clock on September the 24th he says he got 80 degrees from northScreenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.21.00 PM.png

This was what his compass showed him later that day

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.20.36 PM.png

Then he compared results with stellarium
Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.22.51 PM.png

He says this shows the sun south of east

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 12.23.29 PM.png

And here he sarcastically says if this looks 50 degrees from west like his observation.

So whats going on is he point the compass in the wrong way is stellarium glitched.?

Z.W. Wolf

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Let's think about this: Given the number of people who use it, and what they use it for, it's not credible that Stellarium is wrong. People would notice.

It's much more credible that this random guy is wrong. What could contribute to his error?

-How good is this compass app? They vary in quality.
-How good is his phone's magnetometer?
-Did he calibrate the phone app correctly?
-Is there an electrical field or metal object interfering?

The way he is using it:
-I don't much care for the way he's holding it. Not really getting a proper sight on the direction.
-THE CRUNCHER - The app is quite clearly displaying the words "magnetic heading"; which implies that there's a "corrected heading" setting; or there is no corrected heading setting, or he has not set up the app properly for the corrected heading setting to work. It's a warning that this is not a true bearing.

It's evident that this guy has never heard of:

----->Magnetic Declination<------

Here's an opportunity to educate yourself about the subject, and you'll be way ahead of the game.

Homework assignment for you: Correct his compass bearing to true bearing.

You said he's in Oregon.
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@jumboseafood, I'm going to give you a clue, but seriously, this information is easily found with a Google search. Paste "what is the current magnetic declination for portland, OR' into Google and it will tell you 15.15 degrees. Portland is a little north of his position, but the difference in magnetic declination is trivial at that distance; far less than a degree.

Debunk claims like this with a number of different Google queries until you find something that makes sense to you.
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