A Plug for "You Can Know Things"

Adam Taylor

New Member
Greetings all. First time poster to Metabunk. Happy to be here. The threads here do a wonderful job of addressing the current issue of COVID. Wanted to start off with a simple plug for another site, one I hadn't seen posted here, but I thought would be very useful to have on hand. That site is "You Can Know Things," run by Kristen Panthagani (PhD in Genetics and Genomics). https://youcanknowthings.com/

Dr. Panthagani covers a wide range of false and misleading claims regarding COVID, such as "masks don't work" (they do: https://youcanknowthings.com/2020/07/22/masked-science-fact-checking-mask-studies/), "COVID is comparable to the flu" (it's not: https://youcanknowthings.com/2020/09/17/why-is-covid-different-than-the-flu/), and COVID deaths have been exaggerated (they haven't: https://youcanknowthings.com/2020/10/25/are-covid-death-counts-exaggerated/). These and other posts at her site cover such topics in meticulous detail.

She also recently added a "Fact-Check" section to the site, addressing various claims on the blogosphere in the form of smaller, more concise rebuttals. https://youcanknowthings.com/fact-check/

I know, not a very original thing to do for a first post, plugging other people's work. But in these difficult times I'm happy to pass around whatever info may be useful to others who need it. Hope you find this helpful, and again, happy to be here and will hopefully have other things to post in the future.