1. M

    'Orb' UAP over the Ohoopee River in Georgia USA 7-3-2023

    SS: The source is Twitter. This description came with the video: UFO orb sphere on HD cameras over the Ohoopee River in Georgia USA 7-3-2023. The color starlight camera is a 4K camera. This is some closeup videos I got of the smaller UFO probes. I think there were 3 of them in all flying...
  2. ParanormalInSeattle

    Strange Light Caught On Camera

    This video was captured around 4am two nights ago. My family is freaking out about this. This did not trigger the flood light, the camera is motion activated and the sprinkler is on. Ideas?
  3. Mick West

    "Golden Orb" Daytime Reflective Sphere UFOs in Photos

    Source: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=search_page2&sql_order_primary=f1_submitted_datetime+DESC&case_number=80168 The above photo comes for a MUFON report (80168) with the description: As I was hiking with a large group of people in the mountain called Lubeten 2498 in...
  4. Qualiall

    What is this "weird orb"? [Likely Chinese Lantern]

    So, this isn't technically "in the sky" but I guess from the perspective of a mouse it is. My friend's father caught this on film..or rather his motion sensing camera caught it on film. This is in the Western New York area. Apologies if I break any formatting rules. He is speculating that it...
  5. TEEJ

    Claim of "UFO" interacting with "Chemtrail", Paris, France, 28th September 2016

    The following video claims to show a "UFO/Orb" interacting with a "chemtrail". All the details are provided by the person filming. Location Paris, France. 28th September 2016, 7:41 PM. 19:41 CEST. This is clearly Venus being filmed through a dissipating contrail. From the UK Daily Star...
  6. ufoofinterest

    Hoax: Supposed UFO releases orb over Southern California.

    This appears to be a hoax, with faked camera motion added in Adobe After Effects, as explained in this video by HoaxKiller: More detail from HoaxKiller (along with lots of other hoaxes debunked) here: http://thehoaxkiller.com/forum/index.php?topic=262.msg963#msg963 It's a HOAX. It's pure CGI...