1. N

    Debunked: Google Mail icon shows linkage to Freemasons

    In June 2020, an acquaintance made the claim that Google's logo 'G' was a reference to Freemasons. I have been unable to find discussion linking Google's 'G' to Freemasons online, but I did find similar conspiracies about the Gmail icon. I will address both the 'G' and the 'M' conspiracy below...
  2. Rory

    Explained: How Mount Rainier helps demonstrate the shape of the globe

    Here is a lovely shot of mountains in Oregon and Washington taken from the summit of South Sister in January 2007: Source: The summit of South Sister is recorded as being ~10,360 feet above sea level (plus or minus 3 feet...
  3. Rory

    Debunked: 120-mile shot of San Jacinto proves flat earth

    YouTube user JTolan Media 1 has uploaded a video which shows images of San Jacinto Peak in California taken from Malibu, 120 miles away. He believes this is proof that the Earth is flat: Source: (start at around 9:48 - before that is preamble) His main...
  4. HoaxEye

    How to calculate the visible fraction of the Earth [e.g. 1972 Blue Marble, Apollo 17]

    This question originates from a YouTube video called "NASA Blue Marble 100% Debunked" by Flat Earth Asshole (pardon the language, but that is their channel name). In the video, they make a claim that NASA's Blue Marble photograph from 1972 is a fake because it is not a correct representation...