1. BartekSitek

    Turkish beach UFO 2023 - a curious high res photo

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here! I've got a case that you might find interesting. I do some hobby investigative work on my streams on Twitch on JacexDowozWideo (it's in polish, so probably not much interest to most of you, but I wanted to share my background) Recently I've been investigating an...
  2. John_Sheldon

    Video Needs Debunking: Incredibly Fast Bigfoot Jumping from Tree & Running to Cover

    This video is from the YouTube channel Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organisation, posted on the 22nd of October 2022, it currently has 54k views. The video claims to show super speed. The RMSO say at the intro: A girl who appears to be working in a customised skid loader, is clearing trees and...
  3. N

    Debunked: Google Mail icon shows linkage to Freemasons

    In June 2020, an acquaintance made the claim that Google's logo 'G' was a reference to Freemasons. I have been unable to find discussion linking Google's 'G' to Freemasons online, but I did find similar conspiracies about the Gmail icon. I will address both the 'G' and the 'M' conspiracy below...
  4. Rory

    Explained: How Mount Rainier helps demonstrate the shape of the globe

    Here is a lovely shot of mountains in Oregon and Washington taken from the summit of South Sister in January 2007: Source: The summit of South Sister is recorded as being ~10,360 feet above sea level (plus or minus 3 feet...
  5. Rory

    Debunked: 120-mile shot of San Jacinto proves flat earth

    YouTube user JTolan Media 1 has uploaded a video which shows images of San Jacinto Peak in California taken from Malibu, 120 miles away. He believes this is proof that the Earth is flat: Source: (start at around 9:48 - before that is preamble) His main...
  6. HoaxEye

    How to calculate the visible fraction of the Earth [e.g. 1972 Blue Marble, Apollo 17]

    This question originates from a YouTube video called "NASA Blue Marble 100% Debunked" by Flat Earth Asshole (pardon the language, but that is their channel name). In the video, they make a claim that NASA's Blue Marble photograph from 1972 is a fake because it is not a correct representation...