1. Ann K

    Is this a Chinese spy balloon?

    Just out and reported by CNN, what is believed to be a Chinese surveillance balloon is crossing the USA. At the moment the decision has been made not to try to bring it down. I'm sure there'll be more said about this in upcoming days ...and the conspiracy theories will probably follow. The US...
  2. Mick West

    "UFO" Sighting over Downtown San Diego Freeway [DARPA Balloon]

    Source: I first saw the above video (dated Oct 22, 2019) via a low-resolution crop re-post on one of the UFO sites, where it looked even less identifiable. While it was unfortunately filmed in portrait mode, it was still a 4K video, so I...
  3. Mick West

    "Golden Orb" Daytime Reflective Sphere UFOs in Photos

    Source: The above photo comes for a MUFON report (80168) with the description: As I was hiking with a large group of people in the mountain called Lubeten 2498 in...
  4. Mick West

    UFOs Filmed from Moving Helicopters and Planes. Not So Fast!

    Source: There are a few UFO videos that are shot from a moving helicopter (or plane) where the camera tracks what seems to be a fast moving object. The best demonstration of this effect now comes from Tom Churchill of Churchill Navigation with this...
  5. Mick West

    White Dot UFO [Balloon]

    This is just an example of what things look like at long distances. Might be useful reference. I could only just see this with the naked eye, and all it looked like to me was a white dot, slowly moving away: However I had my big lens on, so I zoomed in: and then: Quite clearly it's a...