"UFO" Sighting over Downtown San Diego Freeway [DARPA Balloon]

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czCfqZrWgio

I first saw the above video (dated Oct 22, 2019) via a low-resolution crop re-post on one of the UFO sites, where it looked even less identifiable.

Metabunk 2019-10-31 13-28-44.jpg
While it was unfortunately filmed in portrait mode, it was still a 4K video, so I downloaded that and zoomed in:

Metabunk 2019-10-31 13-27-17.jpg

Looks like an advertising blimp, but with an odd white panel below it. THe original video said "San Diego", so I did a search for tethered blimps in San Diego:

Metabunk 2019-10-31 13-29-56.jpg

Bingo! There's a tethered blimp over San Diego, with a white panel type thing underneath it. Here's some local news video:
Metabunk 2019-10-31 13-32-23.jpg

Case closed!
I saw this one, too. Since it was an interesting shape and in 4k I was excited to stabilize the video in hopes of revealing some details that weren't perceptible in the original.

Kind of disappointing that even at 4k with a 8000 kb/s bit rate, the quality left a lot to be desired:

I guess my main take aways are; people should be focused on driving when driving and we live in a DARPA surveillance state. :)
I kind of liked this case because it reminded me of Project Mogul, a secret balloon-based surveillance project in the 1950s that was also mistaken for alien spaceships - in that case when one crashed at Roswell.

I see UK tabloid The Daily Star reported on it a couple of days ago:


Brief mention of the DARPA balloon at the end:
I kind of liked this case because it reminded me of Project Mogul...

Not sure if I ever looked at it before, but I headed over to the Wikipedia page to see how the Roswell Crash entry was doing.

I've known about the Project Mogul explanation, but I don't recall ever reading much about the U.S. Navy's Project Skyhook which had it's own infamous "balloon as UFO story": The Mantell incident:

Kind of reminds me of the recent Navy videos where it's been speculated that one branch of the U.S. military might not have known what another was testing.
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