1. Mick West

    Very Fast Soda Cans Hitting Things - Work in Progress

    We are all familiar with the classic example of a weak thing breaking a strong thing - the ping-pong ball being shot through a ping-pong paddle at very high speeds. Source video here. This is useful (to a degree) for illustrating things like how aluminum planes can break though the steel and...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: AE911Truth's Analysis of Slag Residue from WTC Debris

    The following slide has been part of Richard Gage's 9/11 Truth presentation for several years, at least since 2008 when it showed up in a version of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth video (which is basically Gage giving the extended version of his slideshow). It's supposedly the spectrum of a sample...
  3. cmnit

    Ulrike Lohmann on aircraft exhausts chemicals

    The Italian chemtrailist Tankerenemy is recently (mis)using a scientific paper by and an interview to well known and respected scientist Ulrike Lohmann (ETH Zurich). Besides other things, she is seriously involved in efforts to assess and potentially reduce the atmospheric pollution induced by...
  4. Mick West

    Why "Chemtrail" Tests on the Ground Find Metals That Don't Occur Naturally

    Believers in the "chemtrail" theory (the theory that the trails behind high-flying aircraft secretly contain chemicals intended to alter the climate or weather) often point to chemical analyses done on soil, air or water. Typically these tests are done for three metals: Aluminum, Barium, and...
  5. M

    Aluminium concentrations

    Unnormal high concentrations of Aluminium seem to play an importan role in the Chemtrail Theory. They claim, that Aluminium concentrations of around 0,1mg/l are absolutely unnormal and could only be explained by Chemtrails. This is, of course, not true. I did some research and found Aluminium...
  6. Flynn

    Mick West Interview for "Overcast" documentary by Dedal Films

    Thank you for posting the transcript. :)
  7. GrandVizor

    Aluminium value in rainwater

    Lectori salutem, I'm from the Netherlands, Europe. Excuse me if my English is not 100% correct. I'm in a debate with a lot of chemtrail believers in which I am the scepticus. I use this website as a resource for a few months now and I thank you all for the helpful explanations and references...
  8. cmnit

    Electrical conductivity of atmosphere before/after "spraying"

    Many chemtrailists affirm that at least one of the goal of chemtrails is to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere by means of metallic additives such as aluminum and barium. In turn this conductivity should improve/focalize/reflect ELF or other em radiation coming from the...