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    Like the Mt. Shasta, CA., area, Maui is a volcanic area with a relatively high amount of naturally occurring aluminum in the soil. Unlike Mt. Shasta, many areas in Maui have acid soil, related to the precipitation of 60-120 inches per year. This causes the aluminum to become chemically active, and toxic to some plants. This could easily explain the problems shown in WITWATS. A picture on page 21 from the second reference shows areas of aluminum toxicity in Maui.

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    I can't determine exactly where the farm in Maui is located, but Mariel Hemingway's studio is in Haiku, which is in the middle of the big block of potential aluminum toxicity on the north side. At 51:55, MJM is at a natural bridge which I think is Honomanu Bay, near the finger of aluminum toxicity farther east.
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    Here are some links to what I discovered about the Maui chemtrails advocates:
    Michael J. Murphy and others in Maui are loathe to discuss the issue, but they havebeen aware for quite some time that no exraordinary leels ofaluminum have been found in Maui:

    Other references for aluminum in Hawaii soils:

    The coconut tree problems in Hawaii are fairly well known:
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