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    When a jet rotates it changes the way it moves. You can't just rotate a jet, stop rotating near 90° and keep moving exactly the same as before. For a start the amount of vertical lift generated by the wings decreases. Even with a relatively rapid aileron roll the altitude changes. Note they go up first to offset the loss in lift.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy7sUfeWzXw
    Metabunk 2018-03-22 21-41-48.

    You can't do that and stop the roll in the middle.

    This (the GIMBAL video) looks more like it's almost hovering, and just rotating in place. It's difficult to see how that could be accomplished with existing technology. But the rotating glare is a very simple explanation.
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    As others have alluded to, the ENTIRE context of this video is created by the audio of the pilots.

    If the audio underneath the video was, 2 pilots calmly discussing a commercial aircraft that they are monitoring because the aircraft is nearing a "no fly zone", none of this video would even need to be debunked.
    We would assume that the pilots know what they are looking at and how aircraft that they are tracking, appear on their flir system, correct.

    Two questions,
    1. Is the audio authentic? Military Pilots flying some of our most advanced aircraft, saying "dude", seems out of place to me?
    I would like to ask a military pilot if they would ever use the word "dude" from his cockpit radio? Any type of "slang" seems like it would be completely frowned under those circumstances.
    2. If the audio is authentic, shouldn't pilots flying multi-million dollar aircraft with weapon systems, know exactly how other aircraft should look on all their systems? That is scary, that they could possibly mistake a known aircraft for something anomalous.
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