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    This particular piece of bunk even gets a mention in Wikipedia:

    with references

    Sounds impressively documented, but where do these references actually go? References [44] and [45] simply repeats the claim with no sources, reference [43] for Rouge State goes to this:
    Where the reference (#15 of chapter 15) is:

    Which leads us to this UPI story:
    So the entire story seems to be based on a a propaganda campaign by the Church of Scientology. They did not even claim to have any direct evidence that anything was spray, simply some accounts of an unknown quantity of bacteria, and a bunch of unrelated things like animal cages. They noticed this was a year when the whooping cough cases were higher than the last year, so they tried to paint a picture.

    So there's no really evidence of what did, or did not happen. But it's nowhere near as clear cut as the Wikipedia references claim.
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