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    "Dr." Brooks Agnew is supposedly a PhD physicist who has made his name by promoting (among other things) "Hollow Earth Theory". He is the "scientific project director" for the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, which is trying to raise $350K for an expedition to enter the hollow center of the earth through a "a certain place above the Arctic Circle, [where] there exists an oceanic depression or an entrance into the Earth." He has also made some inroads in promoting the HAARP conspiracy idea. For example:

    He gives a similar (although seemingly more effective) demonstration on the History Channel show "That's Impossible!":

    Putting aside the fact that a experiment with a transmitter (which is probably pretty hot, judging by all the arcing) in a tiny cloud chamber is probably a very poor simulation of HAARP's potential effect on weather, "Dr." Agnew's credentials appear to be suspect. According to some sources he's involved with an alternative fuel company (Green Star USA). In different places he's described as president of two different electric vehicle companies: Global Green Cars, Inc. (although the URL given for that company(http://www.ggci-us.com/) appears to be defunct, and that info may be old), and Vision Motorcars .

    Here is a bio for Brooks Agnew, given on the Coast to Coast AM website:
    His bio at Beyond the Ordinary gives a similar summary:

    His (presumably self-generated) bio at the Geological Society makes some remarkable claims about technology that he's invented:

    His entry at Powerpedia (a wiki apparently dedicated to the clean energy industry) shows the following for Agnew's education (bolds mine):
    Nothing about a PhD given there. Indeed, one commonality among all of his biographies is that the institution which granted him his PhD in physics is never mentioned. It's the sort of thing that most people are proud to announce, so that's odd. In the source above it says that his advanced degrees are from "extension courses" - which may mean by correspondence? The statement about "accelerated rates with his own research" is also intriguing. Kennedy-Western University (which later changed its name to Warren National University) was a non-accredited institution which had a reputation as a diploma mill. It shut down in 2009. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (bolds again mine):
    So, most likely he did get an associate's in electronics engineering from USAF and a BS in Chemistry from Tenn. Tech. His Masters in "Statistics" is really in "Quality", from an unaccredited institution. His PhD in physics appears to be self-granted. From a brief literature search, I could not find a single scientific paper that he authored. He does have one patent that I can find (5974974), for "substantially transparent printing blankets". However, I can't find anything to substantiate his claims that he invented ground-penetrating radar or "mobile gamma spectroscopy".
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    It appears that Agnew's credentials have been called into question in his work with green energy, too. See this article from Pure Energy Systems News: New Energy Congress Disassociates from Brooks Agnew
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    This is an invitation by Brooks Agnew for MetaBunk to attend the May 8th live demonstration of the weather modification properties of HAARP at our science lab located in Santa Monica. You must call me to find out the location of our lab in Santa Monica. We are building a larger version of the low-frequency pulsed HAARP technology using a cold antenna and a micronebulized cloud in a larger chamber. This will be filmed live, as was the History Channel and the TruTV Channel tests of the same technology, for which you were not present, but about which you so expertly comment. If you would like to learn how it works, come on by. If you don't show up, then I will also let your readers know that you are not interested in getting out of your pajamas and prefer to stay at home meta-bunking people for money.
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    [Edit, sorry just noticed you said May 8th, not sure how I missed that], what exactly will it demonstrate?
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    oh how nice, ad hominem in an invitation to a demo, how professional!
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    Where's my MONEY ? I could really use it, my van needs some front end work.
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    How does one compare a transmitter chucking out RF power between 2.8 and 10 MHz frequency at 3600 kW with an ultrasonic transducer rattling away at a few Khz in a giant test tube?

    Armchair observer here. Explain online please as I can't afford a ticket to get across the pond.
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    Brooks Agnew, could you please reveal where you got your PhD?

    (I regret that I missed this "invitation" previously - although I note that he says you must call him to get the location of his lab, but he neglects to provide a telephone number.)
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    This bio lists no PHD - although he does seem like a clever guy.

    This thread says that he claims:

    It also links to this article where NEC dissociates itself from him.

    The Tennesse tech claim is also in this short intro to him, and in this resume on the "Our hollow earth" site it states:

    But it doesn't actually state what institute awarded it, which is strange.

    Edit - I see much of this is in Belfry's OP - sorry about the duplication
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    Looks like he wrote that bio over four years ago though, as the last paragraph is sometime before the e 2009:

    The link is dead, but archived:

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    Sirius Energies seems to have been reinvented as Vision Motorcars
    Vision seem to only sell the above truck, the VMC Everest. Yet on their site they have several images of vehicles at car trade shows:

    This one they label as "The Raven"

    However this is actually a photo of the IFR Aspid, a gasoline engined car shown at the 2008 London Motorshow:
    Notice in Agnew's version, the Aspid logos have been removed

    A photo of the Everest truck:

    Is actually a photo of the diesel engined Tata Super Ace, again with the logos photoshopped out.

    The third car there, is labeled "The Hopper"

    This is a bit harder to track down, but similar images appear on the (now defunct) web site of "Global Green Cars", another iteration of Agnew's enterprise.

    [UPDATE: It's actually a Matra M72, an old design of a car from 2000:
    http://www.matrasport.dk/Cars/Prototypes/Gallery1/P72/index.html ]
    An older version of the VMC Everest concept (now replaced by the Tata Super Ace)

    This seems very similar to a number of Chinese light electric trucks, like:


    Or this offering from yet another defunct electric vehicle seller:
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    Here's a video of Agnew demonstrating the original prototype:


    Looks very much like a cheap Chinese non-electric mini-truck on the inside

    Disconnected fuel indicator.

    The demo of plugging it in shows a US 110v plug with loose wires emerging from what was obviously once the gas tank. So clearly this was the prototype.

    And rather oddly it has a five speed manual transmission.
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    Here's another video of them presenting the IFR Aspid as the "VMC Raven"


    Note they did not remove the ASPID text from the number plate.
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    What happens when you click on the 'drive it for free! - Learn more' button?
    And why is a 5-speed transmission odd? Are electric cars usually automatic?
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    I thought they were. Certainly all the current US electric cars are. The only talk about a manual transmission in an electric car seems to be for the sporty car market. And the similar looking electric trucks from China just use forwards/reverse switch, like a golf cart.

    I think the most likely reason it has this transmission is because it's a simple conversion of a mini truck from gasoline or diesel to electric. Such as seen here:

    http://jessetufts.wordpress.com/the-electric-mini-truck/ (http://archive.is/CoSyz)

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    So I attended the demonstation of the "cold antenna" version of Agnew's experiment yesterday. It was filmed for a TV show that will come out later this year. So I can't really go into too much detail. But basically the case for HAARP moving clouds around was not greatly advanced.

    I spoke to Agnew about the modified car photos, and he explained that they were real, but he was just not allowed to show the logos on his web site. He was very friendly.
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    Wow, did you get Agnew's autograph? Should be worth a fortune to these Ebay conspiracists.
  19. Mick West

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    Ebay conspiracists?
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    What is not clear, as well as Agnew's dubious PhD in Physics, is whether he has actually got any qualifications in electronics, or whether he just studied it.
  23. I like this point. Why the speed manual transmission? It's a conversion from ICE machine to electric. Any entrepreneur starting an alternative energy business, such as an electric vehicle manufacturer is not going to reinvent the wheel. I know because I've gotten into my own vehicle conversions and it is fun machining the adapter plates for mounting the electric motor to the flywheel and drive train. Any time you make an alteration of a vehicle the Department of transportation requires it to be retested if you want to go commercial with it. Tesla motor didn't design there own cars either. They took someones car and made it electric. If you google forknswift you'll find a private conversion of a swift using a fork lift pump motor and controller to replace the Internal Combustion Engine. A lot of people know that the price of travel is rising. A few people decide to do something about it for themselves, and others push it to the next level and do it to help other. Most of these new electric vehicles you see coming out are going to see coming out the next few year, as they can get their way through the US bureaucracy will be conversions of existing vehicles that are engineered for high performance. I think I'll stop before I sound too positive. I just wanted to introduce you to the process so you know why the everest and all electric vehicles today look like other cars and have transitions it's because they are those cars re-engineered to save the driver money.
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    That does not really explain why Agnew's companies took images of vehicles from other manufacturers, edited out their identifying marks, and claimed them as their own upcoming products.
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    As far as I can see there is no basis for that claim - their wiki page says that they make power trains for some other vehicles - but also that they design and build their own range of vehicles as well..
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    When you met with Brooks Agnew did you happen to ask him where he received his Phd? In the demonstration, did his machine operate at similar frequencies?
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    I did not ask.
    Similar to what? It was totally unlike HAARP.
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    The HAARP FAQ states HAARP can "Transmit frequencies are selectable in the range of 2.7 to 10 MHz..." I haven't found what frequencies Brooks Agnew's device operates and I didn't know if any of that was brought up at his demonstration. I've had questions since seeing his device on Tru Tv's Conspiracy Theory. Thank you for the quick response.
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    See my description of events here:

    The device used was just an electrical field generator normally used for mystical massages, not a radio transmitter. He said it was low frequency, 60Hz. It "worked" simply by the device itself getting a bit warm and moving the air around via convection.
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    As a researcher in low-frequency radio, I am extremely skeptical of those claims. Transmitting as low as 60 Hz (ELF range) requires massive, high power antennas. The wavelength at those frequencies is on the order of 50 Mm. Generally only organizations such as militaries are able to set up antennas large enough to transmit a non-neglibible amount of power. Things like HAARP work by the ionosphere to generate a VLF/ELD response, which requires considerable power.
  31. Mick West

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    It wasn't really "transmitting" radio waves, It was just a box generating an alternating electrical field, and mostly just getting warm. Similar to this, which lists 50Hz:

    The entire thing was a sham.