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    She always claims a PhD or Dr, so does anyone know if this person has a real degree as claimed?

    She seems to post a lot with Aircrap and with Clownycom, and in support of Arizona Skywatch too. If I had to guess, this may be another case of less than real degree.
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    So I have found that she does apparently have at least a Masters, in Art History, and was going to pursue a Doctorate at UCLA. Definitely however, no scientific expertise which is pretty easy to see from her postings.

    I am still interesting in whether she did finish the Doctorate (even though its in art) or got a diploma mill certificate like Mike Castle did. She did get released from a Marist College professorship in Fashion after a year, but no sign of anything improper.

    However, definitely not the academic qualifications to be implying any kind of scientific knowledge and research
  3. Mick West

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    It seems like if she does, then it is in Art History


  4. Mick West

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    She started up in alternative medicine after leaving the art history world:


    Perhaps having something to sell (and make a living from) might have influenced her decision to believe in certain things. The store closed down in 2004, after she wrote The Uterine Crisis, and her home and garden was burned by wildfire:


    Now, of course, she's fully down the rabbit hole, into chemtrails, Morgellons, and the NWO.


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  6. MikeC

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    As Firepilot says, it seems she is an art historian

    - http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-8478-1544-9
    - http://articles.latimes.com/1992-09-02/entertainment/ca-6225_1_art-history
    - http://www.enotes.com/sofonisba-anguissola-salem/sofonisba-anguissola

    And wrote Sofonisba Anguissola: The First Great Woman Artist of the Renaissance

    Some pages list her as "retired professor from San diego State University" but I can't find any record of that online, nor any thesis or dissertation by her.

    shame she wasn't from the UK, where there is a national register of theses.
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    The article about her not being rehired by Marist, mentions her previously teaching at San Diego State. And the article from the 90s mentions her then current working as an art historian at San Diego I believe.
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    She has a genius you wish you had. I find her clear accurate and interesting in her writing. And she has real courage, more than most of you commenters.
  9. MikeC

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    - http://aircrap.org/chemtrails-heavy-metals-poisoning/331724/

    What is clear an accurate in that?

    For example if all this stuff is lethal, how come we are still alive?

    When did barium and aluminium become "lethal toxins"??
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    Heheh, since forever =) That is why aluminum welders here in Finland have very frequent healthchecks. Don't you know smoking 'factory-made' tobacco is leathal, thou the human species haven't gone extinct? =)
  11. MikeC

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    Not everyone smokes - but even smokers aren't extinct.

    Everyone does inhale aluminium and barium every day. How come we aren't all dead?

    Could it be that the dose matters?? And that the doses we get are not lethal at all?
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    There are so many bogus professors nowadays. Specially in economics but also in many other 'soft' sciences.
    So it is not really important if someone has a degree, use your intelligence and think for yourself. Don't let others (specially the MSM) decide for you what is true or makes sense.

    b.t.w. , i myself have a degree in electronics.
  13. jvnk08

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    Heheh, since forever =) That is why aluminum welders here in Finland have very frequent healthchecks. Don't you know smoking 'factory-made' tobacco is leathal, thou the human species haven't gone extinct? =)[/quote]

    The question is not "are these things really lethal?" - they are. The question is that if they're being "sprayed"(insofar as you can spray some of these materials), then why hasn't there been mass die-off of humans or other lifeforms?

    Except this logic cannot be applied to hard sciences. If a professor in one of those fields were making bogus or otherwise unverifiable claims, then their work would not by used by others to form the basis for further research.
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    Everyone is sick all around me. All the time. And we live/work on a military flight path where barium is used for radar refraction purposes where a lot of aerial spraying is occurring. Do you need to see people (or animals) literally drop dead in front of you in an instant before you consider something toxic? CNS disorders are at an all time high and aerial spraying is at an all time high.

    Toward that there are some kill offs going on with animals in nature, it's called chronic wasting disease and it's from aerial and local geographic (often from mining operations, etc.) concentrations of strontium, barium and other things. (Research Mark Purdey and strontium barium for results on research he has done initiated by what he notice don his own dairy farm in the UK - here is one of his reports: http://www.markpurdey.com/news_the_cause_of_bse.htm .)

    It is not a fantasy that they also conduct cloud seeding (and geo-engineering). They've been it for decades going back to WWII including being used in North Vietnam to wash out a strategic bridge after making a small cloud rain for 20 days straight by flying through it dropping silver iodide.

    I am not sick because I spend a lot of time and money on supplements and detoxing products (and no, none are sold by Perlingieri) to ensure I am not sick. I know so I can preemptively do something about it.

    Shari Peterson
    Los Angeles, CA
  15. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    I am not sick and spend no time or money on supplements and detoxing products. I work around barium all the time and feel fine. Strontium is sold as a mineral supplement for the bones, and if you read the same sites that tell you aluminum oxide is poison tell you to take bentonite clay or zeolite, both of which contain large amounts of aluminum oxide. Your best bet is to stay healthy in your mind, and allowing a hoax called chemtrails to take over your mind is not a good way to stay mentally healthy.

    Did you ever stop to think about the fact that many of the chemtrails claims are being made by the exact same people who are seling you so many remedies?
    Yes, sad to say, some of these claims are just being promoted so that peoplecan scare you into buying stuff. Rather a cynical way to do business, don't you think?
    Russ Tanner and John Hammell come to mind as two examples of that. Both of them tell folks they are being made sick, because they both sell silly stuff they say will cure you when all they did was scare you. Russ calls it "Fear Based Marketing", and is quite open about what he is doing.

    BTW, barium isn't used for radar studies. A guy named A.C. Griffith dreamed that one up. He also said he worked for the CIA AND NSA but actually he just worked for the USPS!

    Happy Trails,
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  16. MikeC

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    Grifiths also worked for hte USAF as a radio repair man at a signals intelligence unit - 6925th Radio Squadron, Mobile - this link appears to be not working for me today - but that might just be this computer??

    A lot of people commenting about him or using him as an "authority" say he was "asocated with" the NSA/CIA or "he had top clearance" or similar rather than specifically worked for them (eg see here) - and I suspect that this originates from his time at the 6925th - that unit was involved with gathering radio inteligence from China, so pretty much by definition there would be an "association" with those 2 agencies and he wouldhavehad some level of clearance, and I think that probably allowed him/them/whoever to be completely honest when they said as much!!
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  17. David Fraser

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    Mark Purdey never had his work accepted by mainstream science. He had some really interesting ideas in the causes of BSE especially with the prions involved. His basic theory involved the use of organophosphates used in treating cattle pests, and when he discussed strontium and barium it was as a combination reaction with organophosphates, as well as "sonic shocks" from aircraft etc. At the time there had been some fallout in parts of the UK from Chernobyl explaining strontium. His theory on the spread of BSE and vCJD involved a great number if complex interactions and it is a shame that he was unable to complete his work before his death in 2006. However I fail to see how his work could be linked to chemtrails or even your sickness. It should be relatively easy to find out if you have a prion disease.
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    Its just so interesting that people will attack the character of someone who has opposing beliefs, why not objectively debunk all her source materials and the obvious situation we can all ses in the sky? I have yet to meet or speak with someone who can describe to me what i see in the sky using the common knowledge about contrails. the "facts" dont add up. It would seem more intelligent to discuss the issues this person is trying to bring light to rather then to talk about her personal life...
  19. Mick West

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    I think it's quite the opposite here. All the people above have quite objectively debunked chemtrails, some have been doing it for years. If you want a description of what's going on in the sky, then a good place to start is http://contrailscience.com
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    Many years ago I took Ilya's art history class at San Diego State to satisfy a graduation requirement. I thought it would be a fairly easy and enjoyable class. Ilya turned out to be one of the hardest professors of my career! But I learned a lot of art history, even though Ilya came across as unreasonably earnest and serious about her subject matter. But she showed real interest in us as students, and even held informal gatherings at her mountain cabin for those who made the effort to get there, showing us her projects, her experiments in cooking, pigments, and sewing. We had a lot of fun during those times. Her children were bright, interesting and creative people she had home-schooled.

    I'm writing here because I just found out by accident that Ilya passed away last Oct., and I was saddened and wanted to know more. Through the years I'd heard about the cabin destruction, her move back east, and her involvement in the chemtrails controversy, about which I know next to nothing. All I want to say here, is, (after listening to one of her last lectures on the subject), is that her seeming paranoia about large, complex systems was characteristic of her, no matter what the subject. In art history, it seemed appropriate to be somewhat paranoid about the injustices done to women artists in the past. But Ilya carried this a step further, involving herself in women's history in general and women's health issues specifically. Her interests seemed to follow whatever troubles were occurring in her own life, and she simply turned her remarkable research and writing skills towards whatever trouble was her focus. She masterfully combined, I thought, academic work with personal outrage. As I learned more from her about her academic history, I realized she fit a pattern that is familiar in the academic world: that of the unsuccessful academic (by that I mean not hired, not tenured, etc.). This failure can be responded to in many ways; Ilya seemed to enjoy taking on the role of 'outsider academic,' and I think over time just generalized this role to society at large.

    I ended up feeling kind of sorry for my friend, who inspired me to learn more of art and women's history, but who also finally became too belligerent and demanding a friend to keep. I was not the only one to see this trait in her. Anyway, I still want to say she was a brilliant woman, and I think her work, whatever subject she was working on, no doubt has threads of truth and insight running through it. But I do think its important for other thinkers to continue to ask the hard questions, which include questions regarding one's own motivations, as well as trying to understand opposing views. Ilya did not seem to do these things very well.

    Thank you, Ilya, for being an interesting part of my own life - I was glad to hear you have grandchildren, and no doubt they will in their time contribute their own share of love and compassion to this complex, troubled world.
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