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    No need to spend 10's of thousands of $$'s.

    Skystef's setup is shown at http://www.skystef.be/scope-setup.htm - the telescope in it is a Skywatcher 10" - http://www.skywatcher.com/swtinc/product.php?id=52&class1=1&class2=106

    According to this site - http://www.nextag.com/Celestron-SKY-Watcher-10-809856242/prices-html - they cost from US$695. There's also an 8" version on that page for a mere US$395 that might be good enough. This site also has it at US$695 - http://www.optcorp.com/product.aspx?pid=1-600-1396-1447-12121

    the camera he uses is a Canon EOS 300D/30D - marketd as an "Affordable digital SLR" by Canon - it's a bit old now and only 6.3 megapixel - it came out in 2003 for about US$899 without lens.

    10 Entry level digital SLR's are reviewed here - http://entry-level-dslr-camera-review.toptenreviews.com/

    Prices range from US$400-900, and most are 10 megalpixel.

    Glad to have saved you a lot of money! :)